Why betting *CAN* be such a good investment: Part II

Well, last week’s post got one or two social media tongues wagging!

For anyone not following @SBCinfo on Twitter (and if not, why not!?!) my post on why betting is such a good investment was criticized, albeit mildly, by a pre-eminent author of various books on the subject of betting and tipsters.  One such, How To Spot a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar is something of a classic and well worth a read.

Anyway, the author of these books believes my post to be a little misleading, stating that it is very difficult to make a long-term profit via gambling but that my post made it appear that profits from betting is easy money.  All I can say is that wasn’t my intention.  First, I acknowledge that the skill and ability to build and maintain an ongoing edge over the bookies by a tipster is a task beyond all but a few very talented individuals.  And second, following tipsters profitably takes a great deal of self-discipline, mental fortitude, and proper planning and organisation.  The point of last week’s post was to show how, when executed properly, betting can be a great investment and the reasons why…a subject I wish to continue discussing this week.  But to make sure that we’re all on the same page, I’ve subtly but importantly altered the title of this post and emphasised the word “can”!

So last week we saw that betting profits are tax free – to residents of the UK at least – and that we are very much in control of our own funds.  The rate of return can outshadow many other forms of investment with the potential to generate a strong Return On Capital by being able to turn over a bank of funds quickly and repetitively, and that a betting “operation” can be grown whilst not increasing exposure to risk.  Of course, all of these points have caveats attached, in that each process involved in generating a long-term profit has to be executed in an appropriate manner.

There are other advantages too.

One is a direct consequence of the  last point made above.  Because it is easy to reinvest any profits made from betting, which in turn means growth is possible without increasing risk, you can start betting with a small initial investment.  In fact, I would strongly recommend starting small.  If you were learning to swim, you wouldn’t start by attempting to cross the Channel, would you?  And the reason for that is that if you did, you’d drown!

Well, when it comes to investing money in betting then it is best to exercise caution, especially when setting out.  That way any mistakes you make as you embark upon a steep learning curve don’t cost you too much.  A constant and continuing  theme that you’ll see as we go along with this blog is of exercising caution.  I am risk averse, and I feel strongly that anyone involved in betting as a means of investment should be too.

Finally, the return for the time invested can be excellent.  Sure, running a large portfolio of tipsters can become time consuming, especially as there is obviously a lot of records to be kept, but ultimately, the possible returns in comparison to the time needed for the work involved is excellent.

And after all of these reasons why betting CAN be such a good investment, I need to report on a very poor week’s betting!

Only one service excelled (Football Tipster A) who enjoyed a strong weekend, and Racing Tipster A coughed up a 25/1 winner last Saturday which ensured a profitable week overall, but after that it was a story of doom and gloom…

Jason James: Staked 19pts, -4pts.

Morning Value Service (Doubles): Staked 3pts, -3pts.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 6pts, -6pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 16.5pts, -3.23pts.

Racing Tipster A: Staked 2.75pts, +1.5pts.

Racing Tipster B: Staked 18.5pts, -14.6pts.

Combo Racing System: Staked 3pts, -3pts.

Football Tipster A: Staked 6.5pts, +5.544pts.

Football Tipster B: Staked 3pts, -0.89pts.

Football Tipster C: Staked 8pts, -5.48pts.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 60.5pts, +13.59pts.



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