About The SBC Bet Diary

The SBC Bet Diary is here to help communicate some of the practical realities of following tipsters to make money betting.

The Bet Diary is a blog penned by gambling professional and SBC writer, Rowan Day, who each week discusses his ongoing betting journey, including the tipsters he follows and just how he is performing (win or lose – he is always refreshingly honest!).

Rowan has been punting for profit using tipsters for several years and is a shrewd and canny operator who knows how to make money betting. He runs his ‘tipster portfolio’ on a part-time basis, juggling this with his other freelance work and the demands of a young family!

Through his Bet Diary, you can expect to read regular weekly updates on the performance of his tipping portfolio – to give you real insight into how he makes betting pay.

Hopefully you will find it provides plenty of ideas and inspiration as to how you too can do the same!

Rowan’s Track Record of Success

Over the years Rowan has consistently generated strong profits simply by following many of the tipsters the Secret Betting Club recommends.

His expectation is to achieve a Return On Capital of between 50% and 100% in any given year, based on the tipsters he follows.

During his last betting year (April 2015 – April 2016) he achieved a 64.4% betting bank growth.

Applying this to actual monetary sums, a 64.4% ROC would have brought about the following profits:

  • £2,000 into £3,288
  • £5,000 into £8,220
  • £10,000 into £16,440
  • £20,000 into £32,880

If interested in learning more, you can actually read his real-life betting report from 2015/16 via the Secret Betting Club website. Simply register for a Free Secret Betting Club Membership to gain access to the full report PDF.


Read More In The Bet Diary Pro

If this Bet Diary whets your appetite, then you can gain full access to Rowan’s full blog (The Bet Diary Pro) as a Secret Betting Club member.

Through the Bet Diary Pro you can discover the full names and identities of each of the tipsters he follows, plus read more incisive and detailed analysis designed for professional punters.

Access to the Bet Diary Pro is available to all with either a Silver, Gold or Platinum Secret Betting Club membership. Subscribe now and gain full access.


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