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OUT NOW: Both Parts 1 & 2 of The 2017 Best Tipster Guide – revealing the latest and best betting experts to follow this year.

Part 2 features 3 new tipster reviews, including the football expert averaging 70% bank growth annually, the profitable ‘festival racing’ tipster you can follow on the exchanges and the racing guru with a decade-long history of picking big priced winners!

New Inside The 2017 Best Tipster Guide:

  • REVIEWED: 5 exceptional tipsters for 2017 all with a proven track record of success betting;
  • ANALYSIS: Explore incisive tipster analysis and informed opinion on each expert tipster;
  • SAVINGS: Benefit from new and exclusive savings on many of the tipsters featured;
  • EXPERIENCE: Learn from the expert betting team that compiled the Best Tipster Guide;
  • 6 MORE TIPSTERS: Enjoy full access to the 2016 Best Tipster Guide.

How The Best Tipster Guide Can Help YOU!

Since May 2006, the Secret Betting Club have been dedicated to uncovering the best tipsters to help you with your betting.

During these past 11 years, we have painstakingly reviewed, proofed and tracked hundreds, if not thousands of tipsters…all with the goal of finding the very best ones proven to work.

We have uncovered all kinds of rubbish tipsters as part of these investigations…yet we have also found some truly AMAZING betting experts…those that have consistently won for those following their tipping advice.

Year-in, year-out these top tipsters have made consistent profits and are genuine, bonafide experts who you simply must follow!

In the 2016 Best Tipster Guide we revealed the first 6 experts, and now once again with the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, we are back with 5 more outstanding tipsters for you to follow.

We want to reveal to you who the 5 top tipsters for 2017 are, where you can find them and how you too can start following their tips and profiting from their advice.

You can find all this and more in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, which features in-depth and unique independent reports on several of the best, most profitable tipsters.

Both Parts 1 and 2 of the Best Tipster Guide are now available to you via our hugely popular Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership.

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Five Of The Very Best Tipsters Explored…

The ground breaking 2017 Best Tipster Guide comes in 2 key parts as follows:

  • Part 1 of the Best Tipster Guide was released in January 2017 and features in-depth reviews and analysis on the first 2 exceptional betting tipsters that we have found during the 11 years we have run the Secret Betting Club.
  • Part 2 of the Best Tipster Guide was released in July 2017 and features more top-notch analysis on another 3 outstanding betting tipsters uncovered over the past 11 years.

By purchasing access to the Best Tipster Guide you will receive both Parts 1 and 2 immediately.

You can find out exactly who these tipsters are and how you can start profiting from their advice in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, but to give you a flavour, here is a brief rundown on each tipster and why they are so good…

Tipster 1: The New Racing Tipster Up 1094% Bank Growth In 17 Months
(Including 406% Growth Over The 2nd Half of 2016!)

Reviewed for the very first time in Part 1 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide is the unique racing tipster service that has been producing some absolutely phenomenal results.

In the second half of 2016 alone, this tipster made 812 points profit from 3845 bets at a Return on Investment of 16.64%. Most crucially of all, if following our recommended betting bank that equates to 406% bank growth in just a 6 month period!

This backs up their longer term form, which since July 2015 has seen them make over 2200 points profit at a Return on Investment of 16.49%. Again, this if judged over betting bank growth is an unbelievable 1094%!!!

Our exclusive review explores their service in depth, including odds tracking, betting bank analysis and just how their unique ‘instant messaging’ option supplies all their tips to you as a subscriber.

Each tip can be supplied in real-time via all of your devices – mobile phone, tablet or laptop to make it super easy to use.

It’s safe to say this tipster is a real game-changer, hence its inclusion within the 2017 Best Tipster Guide.

Tipster 2: The Outstanding Racing Guru Up 1145 Points Profit Since 2013

Our second review in Part 1 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide tackles the renowned racing tipster guru whose very own private service has made exceptional profits since inception in 2013.

Over 2000 bets in a 4 year period, he has made 1,145.20 points profit at a Return on Investment of 19.8%.

Operating a highly professional service with excellent customer service and achievable odds, our review highlights just how this expert can make you money betting on horse racing.

Best of all, you can sign-up as a member to receive tips until you hit a certain profit target – ensuring that you make a guaranteed return for your investment when following.

Tipster 3: The New Football Expert Averaging 70% Growth Year-In, Year-Out

The first review in Part 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide hones in on the football tipster expert with a tremendous track record of profits dating back to 2014. Never before reviewed or featured by the SBC team, we fully expect this tipster to quickly become a firm member favourite!

Over 3,406 bets in a 4 year period, this football expert has made 2,335.40 points profit at a Return on Investment of 5%.

Anyone that knows how hard it is to bet and make a profit on football, will understand just how strong a record this actually is!

Particularly skillful in the Over/Under, Asian Handicap and Both Teams To Score markets, he has made an average annual betting bank growth figure of 70% since he began.

With a fair odds policy and bets easily obtainable for those with UK bookmaker or exchange accounts, its a service you simply must check out!

Tipster 4: The Festival Racing Tipster You Can Follow On The Exchanges!

The second review in Part 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide tackles the racing tipster with a phenomenal record betting at festivals and higher grade meetings since 2012.

Over the past 6 years, he has advised 2600 tips and made 429.6 points profit at 15.4% Return on Investment.

Best of all – his policy of focusing on the best quality racing has several benefits, least of all the ability to follow the tips on the Betting Exchanges.

Our detailed research indicated that if taking Betting Exchange only prices on his tips at 10.30am each morning, there is a tiny difference in ROI (-0.6%) than if taking Bookmaker prices.

Making it an ideal service for those of you restricted by the more traditional bookmakers and keen to find a racing tipster to use on the Betting Exchanges.

Tipster 5: The Racing Guru With A Talent For Picking Big Odds Winners! (For 10 Years!)

Our third and final review from Part 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide unveils the racing expert with a decade long talent for picking out large winners at average odds of around 18/1.

Dating back to 2007, this expert has advised over 20,000 tips and made a huge profit of 19,638 points at 9.5% ROI!

You don’t need big stakes to follow him either, as all of this has been achieved by sticking £5 each way on each tip!

Advising 6 bets every lunchtime, this tipster is exceptionally talented at selecting big priced winners with 4,857 points profit coming from 3305 tips highlighted at over 25/1!


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Full Access To The 2016 Best Tipster Guide

By signing-up today you can also gain complete access to both Parts 1 and 2 of the 2016 Best Tipster Guide. Featuring in-depth analysis on 6 more top tipsters as uncovered and investigated in-depth by the Secret Betting Club team.

  • Part 1 of the 2016 Best Tipster Guide was first published in January 2016 and features in-depth reviews and analysis on the first 4 very best betting tipsters that we have found during the first 10 years of the Secret Betting Club.
  • Part 2 of the 2016 Best Tipster Guide was first published in June 2016 and features yet more top-notch analysis on another 2 exceptional betting tipsters uncovered over the past decade.

By purchasing access to the 2017 Best Tipster Guide you will gain access to both Parts 1 and 2 of the 2016 Best Tipster Guide immediately.

You can find out exactly who these tipsters are and how you can start profiting from their advice in the 2016 Best Tipster Guide.

Once again to give you a flavour, here is a brief rundown on each tipster and why they are so good…(All stats have been updated to include their 2016 form)

Tipster 1: The Football Tipster With 110 Points Profit at 11.% ROI In The Last 5 Seasons

One of the very best tipsters we have monitored for some time is this fantastic football service, which provides tips as generated by 3 profitable systems.

The best performing system has a tremendous record – showcasing 110 points profit from 981 bets at 11.2% ROI over the past 5 seasons.

The other 2 football tipster systems have made 210 points profit from 3449 bets and 143.5 points profit from 3499 bets respectively.

All 3 systems come together as part of 1 subscription to this particular tipster and with access to the Best Tipster Guide you can also benefit from an exclusive discount on the usual cost of subscription.

Tipster 2: The Racing Guru With 484 Points Profit @ 19.4% ROI In 8 Years

It takes a special tipster to make a profit over an 8 year period, but this is exactly what this racing guru has achieved – averaging 60 points profit each year since 2009!

His simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that has proven to last the test of time and is extremely easy to follow. The 19.4% Return on Investment achieved long-term is testament to his success.

A number of clients of this particular tipster are also reporting excellent profits by utilising betting exchanges to place the advised tips.

Tipster 3: The Racing Tipster With 1178 Points Profit In 6 Years!

This outstanding racing tipster has been a firm favourite of SBC members for several years and it is easy to see why, given the 1170 points profit made over the past 6 years, since March 2011.

In our special review analysis we explore in great depth the profitability of this service and just why it is so popular. As a reader of the Best Tipster Guide, you can also benefit from an exclusive discount on the usual cost of membership.

Here is what members of this service told us:

Every year has been successful due to the hard work he puts in
I have built my staking up from 10 pounds per point to 50 pounds per point”
Consistent winners and above all profit”

Tipster 4: The Free Tipster With 335 Points Profit From 1482 Bets
(Including 79.6 Points Profit At 28.5% ROI In 2016!)

We rate this racing tipster as one of the best, if not the best free tipster out there. His record of success is second to none and we consider him better than the likes of Tom Segal or Hugh Taylor, based not just on how profitable he is, but how achievable it is to obtain his advised prices. Unlike with Tom or Hugh, his tips don’t go crashing down in price after they are published!

Our in-depth review explores all aspects of the tips provided and is penned by a long-term member of the SBC review team who has personally followed this tipster to great success for several years.

Alongside the in-depth review, you can also hear from the tipster himself as he answered many of our questions on his service and approach to betting.

During 2016, this tipster more than justified his inclusion in the Best Tipster Guide by picking up a further 79.6 points profit from 247 bets.

Tipster 5: The Footy Tipster With 549 Points Profit From 4,589 Bets

This proven football expert has made a major impression on punters over the past few years, thanks to his profitable tipping approach.

Our expert review explores all aspects of his football tipping output and is written by a member of our review team who has personally followed it and profited from their advice for several years.

He rates this tipster very highly as do some of these other members who told us:

Every year has been successful due to the hard work he puts in
I have built my staking up from 10 pounds per point to 50 pounds per point”
Consistent winners and above all profit”

Tipster 6: The Horse Racing Tipster With 1013.7 Points Profit From 9,987 Bets – All On Betfair
(And 345% Betting Bank Growth in 2016!!!)

This tipster was reviewed for the first time ever in the 2016 Best Tipster Guide after impressing us hugely over their first 2 years of proofing directly to us.

It is fair to say they are something of a ‘hidden gem’ as very few people know about them until we featured them in the 2016 Best Tipster Guide.

You can read about the profits genuinely made betting on exchanges like Betfair (10.1% ROI from 9,987 bets) as well as with the bookmakers between 2013 and 2016 from following their tips.

The major appeal of this tipster is how quickly it can build your betting bank.

Last year alone they more than justified their inclusion in the 2016 Best Tipster Guide with 345% betting bank growth between January and December 2016 (as published in SBC’s January 2017 Tipster Profit Report).

Pro Gambler ‘Betting Investment’ Expertise

Each of the 5 tipsters you can read about in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide have been scrutinised in great detail as part of the very incisive review process that the Secret Betting Club has become famous for.

Unlike other ‘review sites’ we don’t make lazy assumptions or pen half-baked reviews based on a few months results. This is the pathway to losing money betting.

Instead we provide advice and guidance based on successful investment principles, known to work and provide a platform for long-term success.

Each tipster review we provide contains a huge amount of useful detail, all designed to help you make the most from your betting including:

  • Detailed long-term results analysis based on several years experience following each tipster;
  • Professional betting bank and staking plan analysis to provide a stable platform to maximise success and reduce risk;
  • Losing run and winning run analysis based on our own betting results simulator, designed to identify areas of strength and weakness;
  • Odds availability analysis based on long-term results tracking to scrutinise how the advised prices any tipster puts forward moves;
  • Results sub-section analysis: For example, does a tipster perform better over the NH, AW or the Flat? Or at what odds range does a tipster perform better?

All of the above and much, much more is provided in each review as we tailor our analysis as per each tipster to explore the areas of most interest.

Our recommendations are based on sound investment principles developed over several years expertise of understanding of what it takes to win at betting long-term.

Exceptional Savings Deals – Save Up To £535!

Many of the tipsters featured are also offering exclusive savings and discounts on the cost of joining them – exclusively available to readers of the Best Tipster Guide.

Very often these savings are far, far greater than the cost of signing-up for a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership itself (which provides full access to the Best Tipster Guide)

In fact – the 7 discount deals currently on offer represent a saving of £535! Almost five times the cost of purchasing a Platinum subscription in the first place

Here are the 7 ‘Platinum Savings’ on offer currently:

  • Tipster #1: Save up to £179.10
    Get 75% extra on any subscription length you take up with this top racing tipster. E.g If you purchase 12 months, you will receive 9 months extra for free (21 months in total).
  • Tipster #2: Save 10% on all subscriptions (up to £45)
    Save 10% on all subscription options with another of the top racing experts featured.
  • Tipster #3: Save £39 on a 3 month subscription
    You can save £39 on the cost of a 3 month membership to another very popular racing tipster.
  • Tipster #4: Save £25 on your first month’s subscription
    Receive a full £25 refund on the cost of your first month with one of the best football tipsters featured.
  • Tipster #5: Save 20% on all membership options (Up to £79 annually)
    This outstanding racing tipster is offering a 20% discount on the cost of joining any of their membership options.
  • Tipster #6: Save 75% on your first month & 25% each month after (Up to £128 annual)
    You can save 75% on your first month and a further 25% for each month thereafter with this top racing tipster expert.
  • Tipster #7: Save £40 on a season long membership with this football tipster
    Enjoy a whopping £40 discount on the cost of joining this recommended football tipster over the course of a full season!

As soon as you take up a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership you gain full access to all of these special savings links – enabling you to sign-up to each tipster and enjoy an exclusive discount.

These deals and offers are only available thanks to the combined power of the Secret Betting Club, where through our unique contacts, we are able to negotiate exclusive deals for you as a member.

As Published By A 100% Independent Source

Critically, everything you will find in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide is 100% independent and honest, ensuring that at all times you can trust the information and reviews we provide you with.

This separates what we do from every other tipster review website – who earn money from referring sales to the tipsters they feature.

It’s a simple concept – they recommend a tipster and make a commission from everyone that joins. The major issue with this approach is that all too often, their recommendations are not based on what is good, but what will make them the most money. Ultimately, you, the unwitting punter loses out.

Instead, here at the Secret Betting Club we are open and honest as to how we fund our business. We make our money by charging a small annual membership fee to access our information and guides, thus ensuring we take no bungs, favours or cash for writing positive reviews.

You will find no affiliate or tracking links in our tipster reviews as we offer a unique, independent stance.

This enables you to have full confidence that when we say something is good, it genuinely is and we are making recommendations with your best interests at heart.

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As well as gaining access to the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, a Platinum Secret Betting Club membership also grants you full access to our complete ‘Professional Punter’ package.

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Here is a brief rundown of everything you will enjoy with a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ Membership (alongside access to the 2017 Best Tipster Guide of course!)…

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  • All Expert ‘Tipster Profit Reports’

Published several times each year, these unique reports contain our latest tipster best buy tables and ratings including the top rated Hall of Fame ‘tipsters’ and at a glance comparisons on over 55 of the most profitable tipsters. Need to know who is in form and who to follow at any given time? These reports will reveal all.

  • All 4 US Sport Tipster Profit Reports

Read all 4 of our expert USA based tipster reports, featuring in-depth reviews and unique how-to-bet guides for those of you new to betting on sports such as NBA, NFL, NHL & MLB. Allow us to open up to you the world of betting profitably on US Sport!

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Get real-life guidance on how to make a profit using tipsters with semi-pro gambler, Rowan, who pens the exclusive members only ‘Bet Diary Pro’ blog on his ongoing tipster performance. He has been punting for profit using tipsters for several years and is a shrewd and canny operator who knows how to make money betting. Through Rowan’s regular diary updates you can read all about his progress, the tipsters he follows, the bookmakers he uses and lots else in-between.

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You can also access the entire SBC back catalogue of magazines, tipster profit reports, practical punter reports and much, much more besides. Currently includes 11 years worth of reports for you to explore!

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As a Secret Betting Club Platinum member, you can benefit from a large number of exclusive special deals, free trials and large discounts on many of the very best tipster services. Before you join any tipster – check with us first to save money (often this is much more than the cost of our service!)

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Last but no means least, Platinum Membership also comes with a full 90-day money back guarantee if not satisfied with our service for any reason!

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