Revealed: The Secret Report on Tipsters and Systems That Can Make You Money Betting
Imagine you had your hands on a private report that finally revealed the shocking truth about betting!!

A report that:

  • Reveals the few elite tipsters that the bookies really fear.
  • Tells you the betting methods, systems and strategies that actually make money.
  • Exposes why some betting systems will always fail.
  • Unveils the liars, scammers and cheats who will do anything to get your cash.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for this report, but in the betting world things are far from perfect.

But then you probably already know this!

You might already be feeling angry about the tipster service that promised you regular winners, but lost you a ton of cash.

You might be close to giving up after being let down by yet another useless betting system.

You might even be tempted to start betting, but don’t want to get your fingers burnt because of all the horror stories you’ve heard.


Becoming A Full-Time Bettor

I had no idea that becoming a full-time bettor could actually be a realistic ambition! Thanks to SBC for a great magazine, advice and forum.

- John from Dundee


These days it can almost feel that a hour doesn’t pass without a very convincing tipster email dropping in your inbox, promising you untold betting riches and the moon on a stick for only £499.99 upfront!

You could well be sent to check out a snazzy looking tipster website, with some very impressive looking results and a string of winners listed. Everything on the outside looks very professional and compelling so you might as well join, after all no-one would go to so much trouble to rip you off like this would they??

Sadly, yes they would as there are plenty of people out there trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

We admit it, like you, we were sick of it all.

We’d had enough of the false claims from these so called ‘experts’. Worse than that were the people who claimed to be on your side, the people writing ‘independent’ reviews who were actually getting a kick back for promoting something. They weren’t independent or trying to help you, instead they just wanted their sales commission!

Sadly for many of us it does and the situations above will no doubt ring true for countless people.

It’s a sad fact that just as betting becomes more and more popular these days, so as well do the number of people trying to swindle a quick buck out of you.

It may come as no surprise to you to learn that there is a whole network of scam-artists and conmen who connive together to rip you off when it comes to betting and tipsters.

Scamming innocent punters is a massive industry in itself and the authorities allow the people behind it to continually get away with it!

We’d had enough of all the lies, half truths and conflicts of interest. Enough was enough. It had to stop.

We joined every tipster we could afford and bought every system we could find. We logged every tip from every tipster and system. We recorded any false claims or dodgy dealings. We lost a lot of money, but that first year was priceless.

We now had a definitive list of exactly what lost money and what brought in real cash.

Hidden amongst all the rubbish were tipsters and systems that actually made money.

We had a plan. Year after year we refined the list, putting more money on the genuine winners as our bank grew and grew. The best just kept on getting better.

And now, nearly a decade later, we can say with full confidence that you can make money betting.

Not just a few quid here or there either as we have made £1000′s in just one weekend before. One Bank holiday weekend we made £2736.75 profit! Click here to see how

Already many members of our service are doing the same and here’s how you can do it too…

‘The Best Decision I Have Ever Made’……

“I have to admit joining SBC has been the best decision I have ever made from a punting point of view”

Actual member testimonial

About Us

Pick Up Our Private Reports On Winning Tipsters, Systems & Strategies
YES! Now you can access this list of all the best performing tipsters, systems & strategies that quite simply MAKE MONEY BETTING.


Firstly, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Mike Bishop, Dan Jones & Peter Ling, and for the last seven years we have been leading a team that publishes secret reports on the betting world. “Secret”, that is to anyone not part of our private club, which is an absolute goldmine of winning betting information.

Here at the Secret Betting Club we have compiled a list of all the very best performing tipsters & systems that MAKE MONEY BETTING.

And when we say make money betting, we don’t mean just £10 here and £20 there, but some serious amounts of cash, all totally tax free!

This winning information has come via years of working closely in the betting industry, investigating the good the bad and the ugly of the tipster world. And let us tell you there are also a lot of very UGLY tipsters and systems out there!

Through our continuously updated reports you will soon be in a position to make yourself money from betting (and all totally tax-free).

What’s more, you will have the major benefit of a much easier lifestyle with more time at home with the family and the ability to do all the things you want that either time or money prevented you from doing before. Not to mention the sought-after ability to work from anywhere in the world you like.

It is indeed a dream lifestyle, but only available to those in the know or who have access to the kind of knowledge that only the Secret Betting Club can provide.



Secret Betting Report

OK so how exactly can we help you achieve this dream lifestyle of professional betting?

We do this in the form of 2 Key Secret Reports that all Secret Betting Club members receive on a regular basis:

1. The SBC Tipster Profit Report
2. The SBC Magazine.

Each year we produce 6 Tipster Profit Reports and 6 Secret Betting Club Magazines exclusively for SBC Members, the contents of which will finally help you make money betting – let us show you how!


Each Tipster Profit Report is quite literally your ticket to finding out just who the best-rated tipster services actually are…those that can make you money.

Each report contains the exact profit and loss details of over 50 different short-listed tipsters so you can see how they have performed both over the short and long-term.

These are the very best tipsters when it comes to betting and by gaining access to this report, you will know exactly who is in profit, who is in form and who to follow with your own money.

The SBC Tipster Profit Report is the only genuine place you can find out about the best tipsters and it’s no exaggeration to say it could transform your betting!!

‘Taken My Earnings From Betting Into A New League’……

Your advice, and the advice i gained from the pro-betting guide has been the catalyst that has taken my earnings from betting into a new league – So thanks a million!

Actual member testimonial


To illustrate the power of each Tipster Profit Report, check out the example table below as taken from a recent Tipster Profit Report.

It features the top 10 tipster services based upon their annual profit if working to a £2000 betting bank. As you can see, the profits on offer are quite exceptional!

Best All Time TipsterTable correct as of November 2013

To explain how the table works, if you had started following Service 1 with a £2000 betting bank, in an average year you would make a profit of £9,802.00

Even Service 10, would have nearly doubled your starting bank in an average year with a profit of £1,864.00! 

What’s more, we are uncovering more and more top tipsters all the time as can also be observed by the new entry at number 6 in the table above. A membership of the Secret Betting Club keeps your finger firmly on the pulse!

In each full Report, you can find a full rundown of each of the top services, who they are and how much they have made long-term.

As you can imagine these Tipster Profit Report’s are a total goldmine of information. In each you can also find tables dedicated to revealing which tipsters…

      • Have made the largest profit of all-time.
      • Have enjoyed the best past 12 months.
      • Generate the highest Return on Investment.
      • Make the largest betting bank return.
      • Offer the lowest workload to follow.
      • Are easy to get advised odds with.
      • And most importantly…can genuinely make you money betting!

In each Tipster Profit Report we produce several over ‘Tipster Tables’ so you can quickly and easily find the best, most profitable services out there.

Our Tipster Tables are also designed to be completely realistic, so you can also find out the total profits after all costs have been deducted, such as tipster subscription fees.

For example, check out the top tipsters from our Best Overall Tipster Service table below, which lists the top performing tipsters from the last 12 months if working to a £2000 betting bank.

Best 12 Months Tipster

We have blanked out the names as this is for full members only (after its a secret!), but as you can see – the top tipsters are making an excellent profit. This table also includes other key figures such as Return on Investment (12 month ROI) and Return on Capital (12 month ROC).

The highlight of this table is clearly Service 1 who made a £10,769.00 profit in the past 12 months and all from just the £2,000 starting point.


As a member not only do you benefit from access to our unique Tipster Profit Reports but you also receive regular copies of our fantastic Secret Betting Club (SBC) Magazine.

Each SBC magazine is jam-packed with all the latest reviews on new tipster services, betting systems, betting software and much more besides. Giving you the lowdown on all the best new tipsters and betting angles to make you money!

These reviews are always in-depth, honest, independent and totally trust-worthy and a Secret Betting Club recommendation is much sought-after by many in the betting industry.

‘A Massive Fan Of Your Service’……

I have become a massive fan of your service since joining a few months ago and you have put me on to a number of services I would never have considered myself, and also saved me from following a few dodgy ones.

Actual member testimonial

Each issue of the SBC Magazine regularly clocks in at over 30 pages long and is rammed full of fresh information, reviews and news that is available exclusively to our members only.

All of which is absolutely crucial to keep you one step ahead of the betting pack!

Just look at some of the amazing things we have uncovered…

  • The horse racing service that would have increased your starting bank nearly 10 times over since it began! If you started off with £2000, you would now have £19,521.76 just by following their tips
  • The non-league football betting expert tipster that continues to astound. Since the start of the 2010/11 season alone, he would have made you over £12,000 at £100 stakes from only 258 bets.
  • The horse racing tipster that the bookies can’t stand as since April 2004 he has racked up the profits year-in, year-out. Following him at just £10 stakes would have made you over £28,000 from his advised bets.
  • The darts tipster who has made £9600.00 at just £50 stakes from his unique betting advice. If you thought you could only profit from backing Phil Taylor in this sport, think again!
  • The easy to follow football tipster with a high-strike rate of success. In just his first 15 months, you would have tripled your money from only 529 bets!
  • The little-known racing tipster service, which in a year’s proofing to us, grew its betting bank by a fantastic 374.59%! Read about our exclusive live bet testing and how we mirrored these returns with real-life bookmaker accounts.
  • The free racing tipster who’s daily nap service has made over 50 pts profit in their first 11 months of advising bets. At £50 a day, you would be sitting on a profit in excess of £2500!
  • Plus many, many more tipsters and systems that we continually uncover and report back to you about each month. There is simply too much covered to list here!


Expert Advice


Our magazines and reports also regularly feature specialist articles from a whole host of betting experts and professional gamblers to help you understand new and unique ways of succeeding from betting.

These are written by leaders in their fields and contain amazing insight into the secrets that professionals employ.

‘A Full time Professional Gambler’……

for over five years I have been a full time professional gambler with occasional jobs as freelance writer and radio pundit….I used to use RID for monitoring services but The Secret Betting Club is different class.

Actual member testimonial


Just look at some of the recent betting expertise articles…

  • Details on the fantastic golf betting strategy devised by one of our Professional Gambler members. A very easy to follow method, it has been raking in the cash for our own expert and you can now try it for yourself! In live testing during the first 5 months of 2012 it made a profit of £4,646.25 at £25 stakes from only 113 bets.
  • Our exclusive special 30+ page ‘Expert Guide to Greyhound Betting’ based on professional gambler Dan James’s insider knowledge of the sport. Dan covers everything you could ever possibly need to know about betting shrewdly on the dogs including how he picked out the 40/1 winner Taylor Sky in the Derby.
  • Our guide on how to make money betting on a budget, as our Editor Peter Ling, walks you through his own methods and approach. Get all his hints and tips on getting started plus his own simple method of testing out a new tipster –how he expects with just one tipster to make £2,3377.50 in a 12 month period without breaking the bank.
  • A fantastic look at the impact of draw bias at the Chester racecourse and how you can use these stats to make a profit if you know what to look for. Written by David Renham, a renowned expert when it comes to horse racing systems and statistics, it’s a must-read article for anyone who bets at Chester.
  • A look at how by utilising the ‘doubles’ market you can help to squeeze out each profits from your betting. When done correctly, this doubling up method can be highly lucrative. Let our article show you exactly how!
  • Advice from one of our professional gambler contacts who explains a great strategy on 16 runner handicap races and how to profit from them. Bookies hate these kind of races as they are extremely vulnerable to canny punters who know how to use them to their advantage.
  • Our three part essential guide to in play football betting including full beginners guides and expert insight. Want to make profits from in play betting? Get started now and learn from the best with our interview with the professional footballer turned in-play betting expert!
  • Asian Handicap Betting Demystified. Find out all about this new and exciting way of betting on football and exactly how easy it is to understand ‘Asian Handicaps’ with our comprehensive guide.





In our magazines we also regularly feature in-depth interviews and expert advice from a whole range of betting industry figures – all designed to help you make money from your own betting.

With interviews with everyone from bookmaker insiders to betting fund managers, we have plenty to share with you including….

  • An exclusive interview with a former odds compiler, turned bookmaker consultant who lifts the lid on what goes on behind the scenes at the bookies. Find out his suggestions for where and with whom to bet including the bookmakers who are vulnerable and the markets to watch out for.
  • Our interview with prominent gambler and tipster Steve Lewis Hamilton on the Betfair revolution and the opportunities available by the betting exchanges. Find out just how Steve tackles betting on Betfair and his three top tips for tackling the exchanges.
  • A fascinating interview with bookmaking legend Malcolm Boyle who is a regular contributor for the likes of Channel 4, BBC radio, Sporting Life and Talk Sport. If you don’t know the thoughts of this former bookmaker turned profitable punter you are missing out!
  • Our interview with ex-racing trader, greyhound bookmaker and current top tipster – Stephen Harris on his own approach to betting. Find out just how he learnt to make money betting and how you can follow his profitable racing tips for free.
  • And many, many more as well! Including revealing interviews with the likes of Laurence Lambourn, Ed Hawkins, Simon Hopper, Russell Clarke, Ben Linfoot, Goran Trpevski, Phil Brown & Will Lattimore.

All of the details above are just a few examples of the huge amount of information that we to offer you as a Secret Betting Club subscriber.

Perhaps of most use however is the amount of knowledge we have collected about the tipster and betting industry since May 2006.

Because….If there is a tipster, system or expert that we have not reviewed or reported back on yet, they simply aren’t worth knowing about!

Which is why we offer all new members the ability to read our full back catalogue of issues and gain access to all our past reviews, articles and information.

That means access to hundreds and hundreds of past reviews, with every tipster or system that is worth its salt reviewed and rated.


‘How Useful I’m Finding The Post’s On The Forum’……

Just wanted to say how useful I’m finding the post’s on the forum, and how much I appreciate other members sharing their thoughts and experiences whether they be good or bad about particular services

Actual member testimonial



Our service doesn’t end there as here at Secret Betting Club we also operate and moderate what we believe to be one of the best and most important betting forums available on the Internet currently.

It is populated by fully-paid up SBC subscribers only and with our diverse membership base there is a great deal of information sharing that can both make and save you money.

Quite often via the forum, members can get the latest information on all the new tipsters, services and systems that regularly appear out of nowhere to help sort the wheat from the chaff.

Forum membership and access is supplied totally for free to all new members.

‘Your Forum Is To My Mind The Best’……

“Your forum is to my mind the best and most useful available on the Internet, almost worth the subscription fee alone”

Actual member testimonial


Scam Avoidance


Of course it’s no secret that many tipsters would gladly sell their granny just to make a few quid, and this is why we advise all members on what scam systems and tipsters to avoid.

On countless occasions, we have helped save our members £1000′s in lost subscription fees and losing bets by telling them what to avoid.

We go deep in our research of scammers and go behind the scenes to explore just who is behind each con and what else they are involved in. Very often we are the first (and sometimes only people) to blow the lid on a tipster scam…

Examples of our scam research include:

  • The lying tipster that we were the first to blow the lid on, who conned his members out of thousands. He keeps coming back with new services and systems that are all totally flawed. We continue to advise members on each of his new scams.
  • The organised group who each month pump out new ‘wonder’ systems under different names and identities, who you must avoid at all costs! We named and shame every one of their products, who they are and why you should never buy anything from them.
  • The infamous tipster who repeatedly sets up new website’s selling his terrible betting advice, who he is and why you should avoid him. He may use different names on his various website’s, but the one constant is the poor performance of his betting tips.
  • The laying service that was heralded in a blaze of glory and that suckered many people in. Only Secret Betting Club members knew to avoid them and in doing so saved themselves a fortune.
  • The high profile racing tipster service who often appeared on top of many proofing tables but yet whose results appear to be not quite as convincing once you dig a little deeper. Make sure you read our review and be aware of how joining a service without a full analysis of past results can be very dangerous!
  • The laying system that was being promoted by unscrupulous affiliate marketers (those who take a cut from sales), only for it to make substantial losses. Again, only Secret Betting Club members knew the truth that this system was deeply flawed.
  • The horse racing system that sounded great in theory, but fell apart under our detailed analysis. We were the only ones to uncover this finding and again only SBC members saved their money.

‘I Would Have Saved Myself A Fortune’……

I wish that when i decided to get into gambling that i had been part of the Secret Betting Club as i would have saved myself a fortune

Actual member testimonial

‘You’ve Saved Me More Than Once’…

Continue warning us about scams – you’ve saved me more than once (e.g. I was just about to join a well know scam, when you opened my eyes!) Many thanks

Actual member testimonial


As you can probably tell by now, we are not here to sell you a system, premium line number or tell you about our stable contacts with insider information. We won’t lie to you about frankly impossible dreams of regular 33/1 winners and suchlike.

Equally we are not going to tell you a pack of lies or cleverly dress up results in order to get you to join any service of ours.

WHAT WE WILL DO to is supply you with our regular reports and reveal to you details on the top tipsters and systems that make money betting.

‘Steady Success At Gambling’……

Luckily with the help of SBC I seem to have found some kind of steady success at gambling which is making life interesting and more than bearable. In fact it’s never been better!

Actual member testimonial

The dream of earning fortunes a year from betting can be done but here at the Secret Betting Club we work to realistic profit figures.

This is a world away from the claims that so many glossy leaflet tipsters suggest of making millions of pounds overnight with the luxury yachts, attractive women (or men for our female readers!!), champagne and the rich and famous lifestyle that accompanies it.

Here at the Secret Betting Club we can’t make you famous or more attractive to the opposite sex, but we can help make you some very good sums of money from betting.

All of this is made through following a few of the key tipsters that we have spent years and years (not to mention thousands of pounds in subscription fees) monitoring and researching on your behalf.

Not only this but we back these services so much we are prepared to put our money on the line and offer you a fantastic risk free subscription offer that means you have absolutely nothing to lose if joining.

‘I Joined SBC Which Opened My Eyes’……

In 2007, I joined SBC which opened my eyes…I keep records of all bets and the records show I am slowly making money from using sensible staking plans.

Actual member testimonial


To date we have uncovered a handful of superb profitable services all of which combined can start to make you money betting.

You don’t even need a big amount of money to begin with as even starting with only a small betting bank, in time you can gradually grow this up to a full-time income like many of our members.

We are fully dedicated to helping those of you who have only a relatively small budget to get started with. Betting to win is not merely for the already rich of us, and anyone from even a small starting point can begin to make money.

There are plenty of free and very affordable ways for those of you on a budget to begin making money betting!!

I Am Growing More And More Confident’…

I am growing more and more confident with his information as each day passes. I started with a fairly modest £10 per point stake, doubling that on each way bets and feel sufficiently confident to start increasing the staking. Compared with 99.99% of all previous tipsters who have been dodgy to say the least this is looking good

Actual member testimonial


The lifestyle that professional betting affords is truly excellent and another great reason to start doing this!

Most of the action occurs at around midday on a weekday or on a Friday night/Saturday morning so its perfect for those of you who lead busy lives.

You don’t have to give up your job or sacrifice all your free time to make money betting as you can simply place any required bets very quickly each day. Many of our members have found success just placing bets at lunchtime or on a weekend, as very often the bets will fit around you!

Sometimes it’s just a matter of sitting in front of a laptop computer and it matters not where in the world you do this.

At various times we have spent time sitting on a beach “working”. And by working we mean sitting on a sun lounger with a laptop and checking emails and placing bets. It’s a tough life organising your bets around the odd beer or massage, we can tell you!

In fact we have even been to far flung places such as Australia, New Zealand & Canada and with the time difference, surfed the waves during the day and then surfed the web and made money during the evening!!

We are not gloating, just telling you the lifestyle that those of you who choose to join us here at the Secret Betting Club can achieve.

Really And Truly Enlightened And Amazed…

I have been conned and ripped off something terrible in the past, with betting softwares, systems, programs, junk, scams, all sorts of garbage. Since becoming a SBC member about 6 months ago, I have been really and truly enlightened and amazed at what is really out there for serious people such as myself…. I Really take my hat of to you professional gamblers

Actual member testimonial


Make Money Guarantee


The great thing about our offer is that there is absolutely no risk to you.

All we ask is that you give us 12 months to prove that you can make money betting.

Over this time you can search through our reports, all our reviews and informed opinions on a wide variety of betting products. You can then benefit from our expert opinion on who out there is making money betting and which systems and services you should follow.

We make it really easy for you and all you need to do is follow our straight-forward advice.

So much so that if within 12 months you are not making at least money from your betting then we will gladly refund you the cost of subscription (At any time during your 12 month membership) …NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

The dream of making money betting is very difficult if going it alone as let’s be honest it’s a jungle out there. It is only through having the experts doing all the required researching and testing for you can you expect to make an actual profit.

And when its offered on terms such as ours where you can get it effectively for free, it’s an offer not to be missed!!

I Found SBC Which Was A Eureka Moment For Me

I found SBC which was a eureka moment for me….I would like to thank Mike and Dan for a wonderful service and wish all members continued success.

- Actual Member Testimonial


The fact is that the Secret Betting Club would be nothing without providing valid winning information on a regular basis.

We are passionate about betting profits after being on the losing end so often before we started this service. We know the upset and frustration that losing causes.

This is why we are so keen to help as many of you as possible because we know who and what makes money and can’t wait to share this information with you!

IN FACT we believe in what we do so much that we offer this fantastic offer to all our members:


Yes that’s right, we are so confident in what we are selling to you from our Secret Betting Club reports that we are prepared to make you this stunning guarantee:

Subscribe to the Secret Betting Club for a full 12 months and if during that period you feel for any reason whatsoever that we won’t be able to help you make money betting then you can get your subscription fee back.

Not only this but we have also extended our guarantee so that:

If at any time during your 12 months membership you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, we will give you a full refund of your subscription fee!



As you can probably imagine, this is quite some offer we have put forward. With these guarantees we place our livelihoods on the line that we will make you money betting!

If we don’t, then for any reason whatsoever then you can request your money back at any time during your 12 months with us!

We hope that these guarantees help reveal our confidence in the service we can provide to you.

Think about it, because if our service didn’t help you out, there is no way we would have been in existence since 2006 and have thousands of satisfied members.

Our business would have simply collapsed. Our reputation would be mud. We would be a laughing stock!

Just think how out of pocket we would be if we didn’t provide to you the high class service we promise…

  • Out of pocket wasting our money on finding out which services make money. Lost subscription fees not to include the money lost on losing bets.
  • Out of pocket following the bets and advice ourselves.
  • Out of pocket having to refund all our members.

So if you are in any doubt about our service, we encourage you to take advantage of our risk-free offer and let us prove to you how lucrative our service can be for you!

Delighted With My Annual Subscription

Dear Sirs, I have been delighted with my annual subscription to the Secret Betting Club

- Actual Member Testimonial


There are no loopholes in this guarantee as this is a genuine offer, because after all you don’t know us from Adam. There is no catch to this offer or small-print that enables us to change this guarantee. If you want your money back you get it!

As the guarantee states….If for any reason you are not satisfied with what the Secret Betting Club provides you, we will gladly refund your money, no quibbles or questions asked.

You can take up this option at any point in your first 12 months with us, whether it’s your first or last day of subscription.

We must be mad or either supremely confident to make such a full refund offer to you. I think you will be able to tell from what you have read so far, we are not jibbering madmen. In fact we can’t believe how far our members have come in the space of time that Secret Betting Club has existed. .. From perennial losers at the bookies to professional winners.

If being successful and professional makes you mad so be it!!!

Subscription Renewed

Subscription renewed. You are AWESOME guys…I wish I had access to SBC a few years ago

- Actual Member Testimonial



If you need further convincing, be assured that we only review and recommend the right services. We do not take bungs or backhander’s for positive reviews.

It simply would not be worth considering, as if we were to advise a duff service it would cost us a fortune as all our members would request their money back from us.

Therefore each service we review has to meet strict criteria to be put forward for recommendation. We have very high expectations and demand nothing but the best as our members will testify.

We also do not take advertisements and our reports are purely editorial with carefully researched information. Nothing goes in our reports for recommendation unless we know it is profitable and will be of benefit to you.

Only genuine services THAT MAKE MONEY achieve a Secret Betting Club recommendation.

The One Place You Can Go

The one place you can go to find out if a service is genuine or not

- Actual Member Testimonial

We are also proud to have a clear non-affiliate policy which means we never take a cut or make a profit share from any product or system we review. That way all members know our reviews are 100% accurate and genuine, with no hidden agendas!

This is vitally important though as many people are caught out these days by ‘free review’ website’s who are biased towards the services or systems they review. This is because they take a commission for every sale they refer, so you need to be very careful who you trust.

With the Secret Betting Club you can be 100% confident that all our reviews and reports are completely independent.


Also it is worth pointing out that no knowledge of any kind of betting is needed to benefit from our reports and recommended services.

Many of the people who join our service, can’t even tell one end of a racehorse from another and neither do they need to. You need no knowledge other than what our fantastic reports tell you, so you can let us do all the work!

All you need to do is simply place the bets from the recommended services we list for you, so as a Secret Betting Club member you will have to select and join the services you wish to follow.

I Have Found A Gem In SBC

I Made loads of mistakes at the beginning, bet too much, followed countless dodgy tipsters! Nightmare! even proofing sites can be dodgy although I have to say i have found a gem in SBC, you have put me onto some top class services

- Actual Member Testimonial

Neither do you have to be of a certain nationality to join us, as we have members from all over the world from every walk of life as betting professionally truly is international! It always amazes us that we have members from as far afield as you can imagine, with everywhere represented even Australia, South America, Africa and Russia!

Let’s face it, through the Internet anyone anywhere in the world can start making money betting. Whether you be in Timbuktu or Outer Mongolia, if you have a Internet connection, the dream is within your grasp.

Free Systems & Guides

bonus Gift

That’s right as soon as you join us here at the Secret Betting Club, we will give you totally for free, our fantastic Ultimate Betting Package – designed to help YOU Make Money Betting.

It contains Our Secret Betting System Guide (which includes 3 top performing systems for Football, Horse Racing & Golf), as well as our expert Pro Gambler Blueprint…all for free!

Read about each of these fantastic bonus gifts below…

Bonus Gift

The Secret Betting System Guide is a powerful compendium of betting strategies and systems that really work and will make you money. We know as we put them together and follow them ourselves!

The Secret Betting System Guide reveals the rules of each system in full including:

  • The Racing Post system that has bagged massive winners at 33/1, 40/1 and higher.
  • The golf betting strategy for landing big profits like Rory Mcilroy winning the US Open at 25/1.
  • The easy way to profit from racing with this Horses To Follow system.
  • Cash in while watching the TV with this Reality TV betting blue print.
  • The football Ante post Betting Strategy that picked out Carlisle to win JPT at 33/1.
  • How to spot when ‘odds are odd’ and profit from bookie loopholes.
  • Massively increase your football betting profits with this draw alert system.

You can get all these systems and strategies free as part of the Ultimate Betting Package.


3 Parts Of The Guide In More Detail…

To give you a flavour of what you can expect as part of this package, here are just 3 parts of the Secret Betting System explored in more detail…


6 FREE Systems

All new Secret Betting Club members also receive for free both our Fink Tank Football Guide and details on 6 Advanced Football Systems with proven profits that you can follow using it each week.

First of all the Fink Tank Football Guide shows you how to use free football ratings made famous by the Times Newspaper ‘Fink Tank’ column to help identify value football bets.

Over the past 5 seasons in the English Premier League alone, that would have made you a profit of £4,805.00 at £50 level stakes as proven below…




For the 2013/14 season we have taken the Fink Tank Football Guide a step further by using it to develop 6 Advanced Football Systems, the details of which are available to all new SBC members.

The results are outstanding and as its fair to say that if you like betting on football, and aren’t using the 6 Advanced Fink Tank Football Systems, you are missing out on huge profits.

What’s more it’s so simple to use and find the bets each week – even Robbie Savage could figure it out!

As Much As £14,235.00 Profit From Just 1 Of These 6 Systems!

To showcase the potency and lucrative nature of these 6 Advanced Football Systems, let me prove to you just how good they are with a quick example.

One of the 6 Systems is called the ‘Win Value 15′ and over 2540 bets from the past 5 seasons it has made a profit of £7,117.50 at just £25 stakes, equating to a Return on Investment of 11.20%.

win-value-15Note – profit graph is for illustrative purposes only.

If you up the stakes to £50 per qualifying bet, the profits rise to £14,235.00 – not bad for a free system!
6 Profitable Football Systems In One!

Each of the 6 Advanced Fink Tank Systems are based on results from over 10,000 games and uses odds from the past 5 seasons across all 4 English divisions (Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2).

As a member you can access full details on each of these 6 amazing systems, how they work and most importantly, how you can pick out the qualifying bets for each game of the season!

Check out the table below for full details on how good each of the 6 Fink Tank Football Systems are…



To briefly explain this table, the Return on Investment figures represent your overall profit on staking (i.e. the ROI of 11.20% suggests that for every £100 you stake, you make £11.20 on average).

Furthermore, the Return on Capital figure is very useful as it indicates your betting bank growth – so a ROC of 553% suggests you would have grown your starting bank 5.53 times itself.

As you can see, each of the 6 Advanced Systems has its own strengths, so whether you are looking to back short priced favourites, outsiders or Asian Handicap bets….there is something for you!

…And if you can’t decide, why not choose one of our Mix Value Systems that combine the best of every type of football bet each week.

The Mix Value 15 System for example has made a £12,785.00 profit at £50 stakes from 2540 bets. This equates to a Return on Capital (or Betting Bank Growth) of 426.10% – meaning you will have multiplied your starting point by 4 times itself!

All of the details behind each of the 6 Advanced Systems plus the Fink Tank Football Guide itself are yours free as a new Secret Betting Club subscriber.

FREE System

This fantastic racing system explains a proven’ 4-pronged’ method to maximise the profits from the Racing Post Pricewise column. Written by a professional gambler, he reveals his own secrets of how with just a copy of the Racing Post you can make steady profits.

This is an amazing system for anyone who likes to bet on many of the feature races throughout the racing year.

Since May 2010, the 4 Pronged Attack System has made a fantastic 352.47 pts profit from just 595 bets (total amount staked of 861 points) and at a Return on Investment of 40.94%!

To put this into financial figures…

At £10 stakes, you would have staked £8,610 and WON £3,524.70
At £25 stakes, you would have staked £21,525 and WON £8,811.75
At £50 stakes, you would have staked £43,050 and WON £17,623.50
At £100 stakes, you would have staked £86,100 and WON £35,247.00

4ProngChartNote – profit graph is for illustrative purposes only.


Anyone who bets on Golf will know the huge odds and profits available if you know what to look for with regular winners at big prices.

In this exclusive system, we reveal 6 excellent golfing sources, which when combined together can pick out regular large priced golfing winners.

This method has been working for the professional gambler who supplied this system for a number of years and it can do the same for you as well. At £100 level stakes it made over £8,900 to £100 stakes in 2011 for those that did follow it.

This is no flash in the pan performance though as back in 2010 it made a further £7,400.00 in just a few months live posting on our forum, so it’s a strategy well worth following. In 2012 it also prospered picking out a string of big-priced winners with full details available in our exclusive system.

Best of all though, to mimic these returns yourself, all you need is a copy of the Racing Post to make it all work.

Once again this Free Golf System is supplied totally for free to all new Secret Betting Club members.



The second part of our free Ultimate Betting Package bonus gifts is the Professional Gambler Blueprint, which is a comprehensive seven part guide to making your betting pay.

We already provide with you with all the tipsters and free systems to make money betting, but we also want to give you as much insight and expertise into how to make the most of it.

Our blueprint does this as it features advice and guidance from seasoned professional gamblers in seven easy to follow sections:

Part One: Solid Foundations - Avoid common newbie mistakes by getting your betting off on the right foot.

Part Two: Money Matters – Betting bankroll management and how to maximise your profits

Part Three: Mindset and What Makes A Winner- Key lessons on what really matters from betting pro’s

Part Four: What To Bet On - Football and Horse Racing absolute essentials

Part Five: Being Realistic - Tipsters or Systems? How to decide what suits you best

Part Six: You’re The Boss – How to develop your own betting niche and become your own expert

Part Seven: Bookie Bashing – How to keep under the bookmaker’s radar

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is jam packed with must real insights from proven experts. It’s a massive 100 page guide, which will put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional.

It doesn’t matter what your interest is – it could be non league football, Tennis, Skiing or even Tiddlywinks! Our guide will help you turn your hobby into a profitable betting niche.

Its also jargon free so if you’re confused by betting terms such as Laying, Yankees and Asian handicaps – The Pro Gambler Blueprint explains everything in layman’s terms for the betting novice.



The latest addition to our Ultimate Betting Package contains our 2 Independent Guides To The Best Horse Racing & Football Bookmakers to help improve your betting profits.

Both of the Football & Horse Racing guides provide the lowdown on the best bookmakers as rated by SBC members and the pro-gambling team here at the Secret Betting Club.

Choosing the right bookmaker(s) can be critical to your success betting and we provide impartial advice on the best bookies to use.

The 4-part Football Bookmaker Guide reveals:

    • The SBC Football Bookmaker Survey – Find out just who the best and worst rated bookies actually are (and why! – read our members comments)
    • The Football Betting Industry Exposed – Just why are the majority of the media out to ensure you lose money betting? We reveal all!
    • SBC’s 5 Must Have Bookies For Football Betting – Get the lowdown on the little-known bookies who offer the best odds.
    • SBC’s Key Football Betting Resources – Find out the websites and products that can make your betting life easier and more profitable.

Whilst the 4-part Racing Bookmaker Guide reveals:

    • The SBC Racing Bookmaker Survey – Find out just who the best and worst rated bookies actually are (and why! – read our members comments)
    • The Top 3 Major & Minor Racing Bookmakers (plus the worst 3) including the little-known bookmakers you need to open an account with.
    • An Extensive Feature Review of a little-known top rated bookie ‘ plus how you can open a new account and earn a £110 reward (exclusive deal to SBC)
    • Interview with professional gambler ‘Mr Gekko‘ including – how he was able to generate huge sums betting and his tips to copy him!

These 2 expert guides provide priceless advice for any serious punter and can make a major difference to your betting. As an SBC subscriber you can gain instant access to both as soon as you join.

It’s just another extra, extra bonus for joining us here at the Secret Betting Club!


All of the above and our full Ultimate Betting Guide if sold individually is worth £380, although we are offering it to all new Secret Betting Club subscribers absolutely for free.

As soon as you join, you can gain instant access to download all of the above and more, enabling you to start immediately on the pathway to profitable betting!