Tipster Proofing Service

The Secret Betting Club (SBC) offers a FREE proofing service to professional tipsters keen to prove themselves as genuinely profitable betting experts.

The very best, most profitable betting experts will be reviewed in a future SBC Magazine and then their ongoing performance featured in our regular Tipster Profit Reports.

The SBC proofing & reviewing service is free as we do not use affiliate links or accept cash rewards for our tipster reviews. This is part of our unique, 100% independent model, which puts our customers first.

How To Proof Your Service

If you are a tipster looking to proof your betting tips – then please do get in touch to find out more on our free proofing service. In the first instance, send an email to with the subject line ‘Tipster Proofing’ and include some details on your betting service/expertise.

Showcase Your Expertise On The SBC Members Only Forum

We are always keen to hear from anyone who wishes to prove their tipping prowess by posting their bets on the members only SBC Forum. Free access to the SBC Forum will be provided to all those who qualify – simply send us an email to detailing your approach and background.

Those tipsters able to prove themselves long-term as consistent and professional with ability to generate a good, genuine profit can also earn a contract with us at SBC to post regularly on the forum and via email to members.

Seeking Genuine Betting Experts…

We are always on the lookout to hear from anyone else who feels they have something to contribute to our quest of helping ordinary people make money betting. Perhaps you have a betting system or strategy that you use to make money or consider yourself an authority on betting with something useful to contribute – if so, please do also contact us via