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The Odds Beater is a high volume racing tipster service with an excellent track record of profitability – currently 1246.7 points profit from 6606 bets since October 2014. This equates to a Return on Investment of 18.87% and Return on Capital of 498.68%.

The concept is simple: The Odds Beater provides several tips each day Monday to Friday and all at value prices. With bets tipped up from midday onwards and settled to fair odds, you can easily obtain and get matched at the advised prices both with bookmakers and exchanges. All bets are advised to win only and at 1 point level stakes.

To showcase their expertise, between January 18th and April 23rd 2016, The Odds Beater posted each and every tip for free on the SBC Forum – Thus allowing all SBC members to follow the service for free. This trial period proved a roaring success with a 19.29% ROI and 51.93% ROC from 673 bets.

The Odds Beater Tips Betting Record

The reason The Odds Beater has proven so popular is down to the phenomenal performance of the tips advised, coupled with the ease of following.

Since advising their first tip in October 2014, they have put up 6606 tips and made 1246.70 points profit (all at single point stakes). This equates to a ROI of 18.87% long-term, which is outstanding performance whichever way you look at it.

Below you can see a summary of performance both all-time and the last 12 months.

Oddsbeater Summary

In the interests of full transparency – you can also download a full spreadsheet and view updated results via The Odds Beater webpage on Racing Proofing.


Outstanding Betting Bank Growth

As The Odds Beater is a high volume tipster (meaning they put up as many as 10 to 15 tips up each Monday to Friday), it also allows they to generate excellent Return on Capital (ROC) – or as some people refer to it – Betting Bank Growth.

Since October 2014, you could have made as much as 623% ROC (Multiplying your initial investment more than 6 times itself!) or to put it another way – £2000 invested then would have made over £12,400 profit.

We recommend three different size betting banks depending on the type of punter you are as follows:

  • Higher-Risk: If you prefer to take a few more risks in a quest for higher rewards, then we suggest you use a 200 points betting bank.
  • Moderate: If you prefer to sit on the fence and employ a moderate strategy, then we suggest you use a 250 points betting bank.
  • Safe: If you prefer to build up profits at a safe pace, reducing as much risk as possible, then we suggest you use a 300 points betting bank.

Whichever points betting bank size you choose, if The Odds Beater continues in their long-term form, then you will make significant profits.

To illustrate this, here are the percentage ROC (Betting Bank Growth) figures for each strategy over 2 time periods:


If then applying these ROC percentages to real money – in the second table below you can view just how much profit you would have made with a £2000 starting point.


Of course, you can start with more or less than £2000 – this number is just to help provide easy comparison, but as you can see, the profits generated are excellent.


129 Points Profit From 673 Bets In Public SBC Proofing Period!

To showcase their expertise, between the 18th January and the 23rd of April, The Odds Beater posted each and every tip for free on the SBC members only Forum in what proved to be one of our most popular ever threads.

You can view the forum thread via this link.

During this free proofing period, The Odds Beater achieved some sensational results from the 673 bets advised.

In total they made SBC members an 129.82 point profit from 673 bets and all at a ROI of 19.29%! Working to the moderate betting bank size of 250 points, that is an amazing 51.93% ROC in the space of just a few months.

Below you can see the breakdown of performance during this free proofing period.


Getting The Advised Prices: A Fair Odds Policy

In order to ensure that the prices quoted are as obtainable and realistic as possible, The Odds Beater employs a two-pronged fair odds policy as follows.

  1. All bets are not tipped up until around midday – allowing time for the betting markets to settle and for punters to place their bets at a time when bookmakers are often more willing to lay bets.
  2. Prices are only quoted from an agreed group of 12 bookmakers – Bet365, Betfair Sportsbook, Bet Victor, Boylesports, Black Type Bet, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Racebets, Skybet, Totesport, Wiliam Hill.

    We then settle all bets at a price available with at least 2 of these bookmakers at the time of advice.

This second point also allows you to find value with bookmakers away from the 12 we quote from or by utilising prices available pre-race or in-play on exchanges such as Betfair, Matchbook and Smarkets.


The Service In Operation – How It Works

If you are interested in the service, then also be sure to familarise yourself with how it works first to ensure you can maximise your time as a member…

Each day, Monday to Friday, you can expect to receive a series of emails outlining each tip that The Odds Beater has put forward.

On busy days, there can be as many as 15 tips, each of which will be sent through in its own email. These emails will be delivered between approximately midday and 1.30pm each day. The time of the first bet does change in line with the first race so over the Winter months when races start earlier, the first bet may arrive from 11.30am.

It is imperative that you have access to your emails (plus a reliable email account!) during this time window as our advice is to place each bet as it is received to ensure you achieve the best price possible.

Each message will be short and sharp featuring all the concise details you need to place the right tip. This includes the meeting, time, horse and best odds. You can also read the top 3 prices available from our advocated group of bookmakers.


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