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SBC are delighted to announce that you can now sign-up to follow top English Premier League tipster, Jason Mills via his exclusive EPL Expert tipping service during the 2017/18 season.

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2017/18 Form – Updated Stats

For the 2017/18 season, Jason has tweaked his staking plan and is supplying two types of bet for the English Premier League.

For each fixtures that takes place he advises a 1X2 bets to place and so far he has made a 6.22 point profit at 15.55% ROI from the first 40 bets.

This season he is also now advising what he feels are his strongest bets – indicated by a * marker.

These * bets are up 3.64 points from the first 7 bets.

Additionally, he is also supplying Over 2.5 goals bets wherever he sees value and these so far have posted a small loss of 0.68 points from the first 18 bets.

Here is a breakdown of form so far as of the 13th September 2017:

Json 201718 Season

Premier League Expert Jason Mills

Jason Mills is a very rare breed of tipping expert indeed, given his ability to make a profit betting on one of the most competitive leagues in world football – the English Premier League.

For an initial 18 month trial period, Jason shared all of his EPL tips for free with Secret Betting Club members and given his profitable performance has now set up his EPL Expert private tipping service.

Given his tipping ability, Jason is a man in great demand, yet he has agreed to work with SBC via this new EPL Expert service to provide access to all his tips at specially discounted rates.

As a subscriber you will receive Jason’s very successful 1X2 bets, alongside his additional ‘bonus’ over/under selections for each and every Premier League game.

How Jason Makes Money Betting On The Premier League

There is one simple reason why Jason Mills has proven to be so popular – his performance levels betting in the English Premier League.

Since the 2013/14 season, he has made a 2365 pt profit from 1255 bets at a Return on Investment of 6.69%.

Over the past few seasons, Jason’s methods have evolved and he has constantly tweaked and improved his methods. This includes the staking plan utilised, which since the 2015/16 season now sees a level stakes approach of 1 point risked per bet.

Below you can view the season by season performance of Jason’s tips since the 2013/14 season.

 JM Season by Season

Taken as a whole, Jason has enjoyed great success, although we do not try to hide the fact patient is sometimes needed when following to make a strong profit, especially in competitive leagues like the Premier League.


Jason’s Method Of Success

For those of you keen to know more about Jason and just why he has been so successful in such a tough league to profit from…here are a few words from the man himself:

“I have been taking on odds compilers since I was 18, and after taking a break whilst my family grew up, I restarted 15 years ago and have made a steady consistent profit, year on year.

I have been a member of a number of top betting forums under different names, offering advice to those who wanted to learn, and at the same time learning from others myself. It was from another forum member, that I was directed to Tipster Academy and after a strict trial I qualified to join Betadvisor as one of their top tipsters, before moving onto working with the Secret Betting Club.

My selections are compiled from my own large database of information. I strongly believe it’s the purity of numbers that are the key to profit consistently and long-term. It’s easy when things are going well but having such a strong foundation behind you is a great help when results enter a negative phase, as it takes all the worry, emotion and self-doubt out of the equation.

Over the years I have gradually improved my methods, with the last few years being my most successful due to the increasing availability of quality information over the internet and the birth of the betting exchanges.

But, I am forever looking for improvement, and after last years amazing season when Leicester won the league, I took an in-depth look at certain statistics in the database as there was a definite lag in my ratings and a resulting drop-off in expected returns.

I figured out an improvement in the way I compile the ratings ( all from the same database ) which now minimises this lag effect, and after rigorous back testing it has proven to be more stable and profitable, an added bonus is that it enables me to generate the Over/ Under selections as well.

The increased ROI for this season is clear evidence of the improvement, and I fully expect the results to continue as they are currently. It also gives me the confidence to offer a profit guarantee with my service.



Easy To Follow Daily Emails – How & When You Receive The Tips

As a subscriber to the Jason Mills EPL Expert service you can expect to receive betting tips for each set of Premier League fixtures.

All of these tips are sent during clearly stipulated time windows as Jason notifies you at all times when his next email featuring tips is due.

On Saturdays, the usual time for the supply of advice for games taking place that day is 9am. The same also applies for any Sunday fixtures. Any tips for midweek fixtures are usually sent on at 5pm the day of the game.

All of which provides you as a subscriber with a clear understanding of when the next tips are due.

After each set of fixtures, Jason will also send on a review email, outlining the profit and loss of the tips supplied, alongside any thoughts he might have on performance. At all times, you will know exactly how the service is faring.

There is a simple staking plan in place for you to follow with the vast majority of tips a simple 1 point to win. We also advocate a 100 point betting back for those following the service for optimal returns.


Fair Odds Settlement Policy

Both Jason and SBC recognise that quoting bookmaker prices that are genuinely achievable is essential for any tipster service.

This is why Jason has adopted a fair price odds availability policy and aims to quote odds that are genuinely achievable as an absolute minimum.

We believe that his approach will enable all members to at least match the results we settle all bets to. Very often, through the use of Betting Exchanges (such as Matchbook/Smarkets), Bookmakers (such as Pinnacle Sports) or by taking a stand-out price with one bookmaker you will be able to improve upon results.

Given the amount of money traded on all Premier League games, there is no expectation that Jason’s tips will have anything other than a minimal impact on the odds quoted.


Special Bonus – All Jason’s Over/Under Premier League Tips!

As an extra special bonus, anyone subscribing to Jason’s EPL Expert service will also receive his Over/Under tips for every single Premier League fixture.

These are very simply to follow – they are either on Over or Under 2.5 goals and Jason will supply these for free via email for the rest of the 2017/18 season.

Whilst not expected to be quite as profitable as his 1X2 tips (which are Jason’s bread and butter), these extra Over/Under tips are certainly worth following.


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You can now sign-up to receive all of Jason Mills’s tips exclusively via email throughout the 2017/18 season.

You can now subscribe for monthly membership for the low cost of just £40 per month.

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