Golf Insider – 60-Day Trial Available

The Secret Betting Club have teamed up with a fantastic Golf Tipster willing to offer all SBC members a special 60-day trial of their service in a unique partnership deal for 2016.

With a combined 13 ROI achieved over 1000 bets since the service began in April 2014 (all of which has been proofed to us) you can understand our excitement at securing this special deal.

You can get signed-up right away via or read on for more on this exciting SBC member only offer…



The ‘Golf Insider’ features advice from a proven golf betting expert who knows the sport inside out and most crucially of all he also knows exactly how to make a profit betting on it – as has been proven over the past 2 years.

To allow the Golf Insider to concentrate on what he does best (picking winners!), he has teamed up with betting expert, Matthew Walton, who manages his service for him – sending out his tips and generally ensuring everything runs smoothly (well for punters at least, not the bookies).

Matthew is a familiar name to SBC members thanks to his similar work with the Pro Backer racing service and having got to know him over the past couple of years – I can safely say he is one of the betting industries ‘good guys’. He prides himself on offering a high quality and personalised service, with the focus on making it as easy as possible for you to get your bets on and most importantly of all – achieve a profit from your betting.

We have been proofing the Golf Insider ourselves since 2014 and having watched him build up a fine record of performance over 1000+ bets over this period, it’s clear this betting expert knows his stuff!


13% Combined ROI From 1000+ Golf Bets

The Golf Insider provides two main types of bets each week – outright tournament tips and 3 ball bets. The Outright bets are the main focus as this is where the majority of value lies with around 4-5 bets per Golf tournament.

Tips are sent on well in advance of each tournament starting each week, with all bets clearly and concisely listed with a full reasoning behind each outright selection.

What matters most though are the results and here are the scores on the doors to advised stakes since 2014:

Outright Bets (Tournament Winners)
804 Bets
88 Wins (10.95% Strike-Rate)
53170 Points Staked
5103.96 Points Profit
9.60% ROI
42.57% ROC (to our advised 12000 point betting bank)

3 Ball Bets
232 Bets
123 Wins (53% Strike-Rate)
19750 Points Staked
4387.80 Points Profit
22.21% ROI
59.07% ROC (to our advised 8000 point betting bank)

Both the outright and 3 ball bets are hitting a remarkably similar 25% ROI long-term with winners at regular intervals. All to achievable odds and via a sensible staking plan. Matthew also lists the results at notional £10 and £25 stakes on his website and if keen to see a full breakdown of results, simply drop him a line and he will fire them your way.

Combined Performance:

If following the performance of both the Outright and 3-ball bets you can also get a greater sense of how successful this strategy has been long-term. Here is how the combined results stack-up:

1036 Bets
211 Wins (20.36% Strike-Rate)
72,970 Points Staked
9491.76 Points Profit
13% ROI

Of course, it’s not just the excellent performance witnessed during the past 2 years but the relative ease of getting your bets matched on Golf betting which is part of the appeal of this service.

With good liquidity on the betting exchanges and with many bookies more willing to lay a bet on golf compared to other sports (i.e. Horse Racing) then it’s also a good sport to consider for your portfolio.

60-Day Trial For SBC Members

Best of all, in order to showcase the service to as many of you as possible, Matthew has put together a special 60-day trial of the Golf Insider especially for SBC members.

This enables you to sign-up with him today and if for any reason you are not happy with the Golf Insider service, you can get a full refund within your first 60 days.

Effectively you can sign-up today, try the service out for size and if it’s not for you, request your money back and walk away. Even if you decide to do this on Day 59!

Should you wish to continue as a member after the 60-day trial ends, the cost stands at £37 per month.

Matthew has put together a special Golf Insider page for SBC members over at where you can find out a lot more information and also sign-up for the 60-day trial.

Should you have any questions, you can also get hold of Matthew both via email and over the phone where he will be only too happy to discuss this offer with you.


The Golf Insider