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Follow several profitable tipsters via email and through access to the SBC Forum.

As a Secret Betting Club member you can gain access to tips as provided by a series of profitable tipsters – all hand-picked by the SBC team.

Providing you with several, ready to follow experts that have a proven record of making profits. Their tips are supplied both via email and also through access to the SBC members-only tipping forum.

All told, it’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on large tipster subscriptions.

Here are 5 top tipsters currently supplying their advice free to SBC members:

1. The Betting Man – Very Popular!

The Betting Man has been punting successfully for over 2 decades and has a wealth of contacts and experience to add to expert knowledge of the form book and an exceptional work ethic.

With the main principle and theme of the service being realism and transparency, the majority of bets are given from 8.30 am onwards on the day of racing, and the odds quoted are available with at least 3 major bookmakers listed on odds comparison sites.

Since he began in November 2017, The Betting Man has put up 433 tips and made a 207 point profit at 25.87% ROI with 8 winning months out of 9.

Just look at his profit graph below for more evidence of this consistency…

The Betting Man Graph

You can pick up ALL of The Betting Man’s tips FREE via email or the SBC members only forum.

2. The Accountants Laying System – Very Popular!

You can now follow advice from the very popular and profitable horse racing service – The Accountants Laying System for free as a Secret Betting Club member.

The Accountant has been successfully trading on Betfair for the past 20 years and puts up several racing tips each day for you to lay to lose on the exchanges in the place market.

Since he began advising tips on the 29th August 2017, he has put up over 1100 place lays and grown his betting bank from a starting point of £1000 to £2523.63.

This is by risking 3% of his bank every day on each place lay at Betfair SP (5% commission has been deducted from each profitable lay as well)

His method is quite simple, everyday he puts forward a series of racing lays that you lay to finish in the place market (Effectively you are laying them to not finish in the first 2, 3 or 4 places of any given race).

As you can imagine, with strong form like this, demand for The Accountant’s advice is at an all-time high. As such, his advice will only be available for FREE for a limited period only. Make sure you sign-up now to experience his advice for FREE whilst you can.

You can pick up ALL of The Accountants tips FREE via email or the SBC members only forum.

3. Five Star Favourites

SBC Member, James runs the Five Star Favourites system, which since June 2017 has been advising regular short priced racing tips and built up a tremendous record over this time.

His goal is to identify easy to bet racing favourites with strong bank growth potential – something he has been achieving with a 40.39 point profit @ 11% ROI from his first 367 bets.

Considering this is based on backing favourites in mature markets (with tips sent around midday) and quoted odds are widely available, this is a very impressive record from his first year of tipping.

You can pick up ALL the Five Star Favourites tips FREE via email or the SBC members only forum.

4. Roosters Racing Tips

The ‘Rooster’ has a particular skill for highlighting big priced racing tips, having made 399.5 points profit since 2014 as follows:

2014: 262 bets, 298 points staked, +131 points profit. 43.96% ROI
2015: 332 bets, 406 points staked, +103 points profit. 25.37% ROI
2016: 325 bets, 391 points staked, +83.5 points profit. 21.36% ROI
2017: 294 bets, 331 points staked, +82 points profit. 24.6% ROI

You can pick up ALL of the Roosters tips FREE via email or the SBC members only forum.

‘Your Forum Is To My Mind The Best’……

“Your forum is to my mind the best and most useful available on the Internet, almost worth the subscription fee alone”

Actual member testimonial

5. Chris Baker Racing Tips

Chris is a true racing enthusiast with both a love for the sport of Kings, coupled with an ability to make profit from it! Since 2015, he has put up 1704 tips and made 125.30 points profit at a ROI of 8.09% – all to advised prices and stakes.

Chris was also the 2017 winner of Racing UK’s ‘Tipstar’ competition to find the UK’s best amateur tipster.

Chris was the unanimous winner according to all 3 judges, impressing with his racing knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. You can read more about Chris’s victory here.

You can pick up ALL of Chris’s tips FREE via email or the SBC members only forum


More Profitable Tipsters Available On The SBC Forum

As well as the 5 tipsters above, you can also find several other profitable tipsters who regularly post all of their tips up on the SBC Forum.

At any given moment there are dozens of tipping threads on the SBC Forum for you to check out, with many of them providing effectively free tips to go alongside your SBC membership!

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