Free tipsters: How to follow our very own ‘famous five’ experts

Did you know that as an SBC member you can gain access to free betting tips as provided by a series of hand-picked profitable tipsters?

Providing you with several, ready to follow experts that have a proven record of making profits and all without breaking your bank.

Experts like the Betting Man (207 points profit at 25% ROI), The Accountant’s Betfair SP Laying System (£1500+ Profit) or the Five Star Faves System (40 Points @ 11% ROI) are all currently available for you to follow for free with an SBC membership.

All told, it’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on large tipster subscriptions.

Once you have signed up for either a Silver, Gold or Platinum SBC membership, simply choose the tipsters you wish to follow via our members-only ‘Free Tips’ section.

You can receive these free tips via email direct to your inbox or through access to the SBC members-only tipping forum.

And for those of you wanting to know more about each tipster and how much they have made – I have penned a few words below on the performance of our very own ‘Famous Five‘ panel of tipster experts:

1. The Betting Man: 207 Points Profit @ 25% ROI

The Betting Man has been punting successfully for over 2 decades and has a wealth of contacts and experience to add to expert knowledge of the form book and an exceptional work ethic.

With the main principle and theme of the service being realism and transparency, the majority of bets are given from 8.30 am onwards on the day of racing, and the odds quoted are available with at least 3 major bookmakers listed on odds comparison sites.

Since he began in November 2017, The Betting Man has put up 433 tips and made a 207 point profit at 25.87% ROI with 8 winning months out of 9.

Just look at his profit graph below for more evidence of this consistency…

The Betting Man Graph

2. Five Star Faves: 40 points @ 11% ROI backing favourites

SBC Member, James runs the Five Star Favourites system, which since June 2017 has been advising regular short priced racing tips and built up a tremendous record over this time.

His goal is to identify easy to bet racing favourites with strong bank growth potential – something he has been achieving with a 40.39 point profit @ 11% ROI from his first 367 bets.

Considering this is based on backing favourites in mature markets (with tips sent around midday) and quoted odds are widely available, this is a very impressive record from his first year of tipping.

3. The Accountant Lays: £1532.63 Profit in 10 months @ Betfair SP

The Accountant has been successfully trading on Betfair for the past 20 years and he puts up several tips each day for you to lay to lose on the exchanges in the place market (where effectively you are backing each horse not to finish in the each-way places – usually the top 2 or 3).

Since he began advising tips on the 29th August 2017, he has put up over 1100 place lays and grown his betting bank from a starting point of £1000 to £2523.63.

This is by risking 3% of his bank every day on each place lay at Betfair SP (5% commission has been deducted from each profitable lay as well)

As you might expect from a tipster with a name of ‘The Accountant’ – numbers are his thing (as he is indeed an Accountant by trade) so he is using this expertise to make strong profits in the little-explored Betfair SP Place market..

4. Rooster Tips: +399 Points Profit Since 2014

The ‘Rooster’ has a particular skill for highlighting big priced racing tips, having made 399 points profit from over 1400 bets since 2014.

Tips are supplied the day of racing with prices quoted from a range of bookmakers and a clear staking plan on offer.

To backup his success, The Rooster was also voted the ‘Top Free Tipster’ in the recent SBC Awards by our members.

Best Free Tipster 2018 - Secret Betting Club

He doesn’t bet every day, but when he does he often goes in at big prices and as his excellent record will testify, he knows how to identify winners!

5. Chris Baker +125 Points Since 2015

Chris is a true racing enthusiast with both a love for the sport of Kings and an ability to make profit from it!

Since 2015, he has put up 1704 tips and made 125.30 points profit at a ROI of 8.09% – all to widely available odds and sensible stakes.

Chris was also the 2017 winner of Racing UK’s ‘Tipstar’ competition to find the UK’s best amateur tipster. He was the unanimous winner according to all 3 judges, impressing with his racing knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. You can read more about Chris’s victory here.

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Follow These Tipsters With A Risk-Free SBC Membership.

All 5 of the tipsters mentioned above are now available to follow for free each day as part of your Secret Betting Club subscription.

Simply choose the tipster(s) you wish to follow and sign-up to get their selections sent via email by following the links in the SBC ‘Free Tips’ membership section.

Alternatively, you can also follow each of their tips as they are posted on the SBC members only Tipping Forum.

So, if you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, why not consider following these 5 free tipsters as part of your Secret Betting Club membership.

Best of all, you can now sign-up totally risk-free thanks to our 90-day money back guarantee,which ensures if you find our service (and these free tipsters) not for you, then you can get a full refund.

Meaning you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from joining our exclusive club!

Sign-up today and gain instant access to the Secret Betting Club

See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor


Automate your betting profits: The tipsters with ‘bots’ that place bets for you

The Latest SBC Magazine (Issue 105) is out now and is an automated betting profits special,exploring both the tipsters and the bot technology that can help place bets for you.

Inside you can read reviews of 2 different tipsters with separate automatic bot options, how they work and the profits being made. You can also read a 3rd review focusing in a free racing expert with a 36% ROI tipping exclusively on Saturday’s big races.

Sign-up now to gain instant access to SBC 105 or read on for more details…

SBC 105 Cover

Inside The Latest SBC Magazine

Here is a brief rundown of what you can find in SBC 105:

  • Reviewed: 2 Winning Tipsters With Manual & Automatic Bet Placement Options
    Through SBC 105, we explore in great detail 2 different, profitable sporting tipsters and how you can follow them both manually or by using automated bot solutions.Firstly, we examine both of the tipsters and their overall performance levels over the years in their respective sporting markets.Tipster 1 has made a 112 point profit at 7.9% ROI from over 1400 bets since 2015 working to a high-strike rate betting approach (55.9% of all bets have won)

    Tipster 2 has made a 458 point profit at 6.2% ROI from over 3600 bets since 2014 from his equally high strike-rate method (54.3% of all bets have won)

  • Examined: Betting Bot Technology & How It Works
    To explore the growing trend of automatic bet placement, for both of the tipsters above, we explore the 2 different bot options available to subscribers of either service.This includes analysis of how they work, how to set it up, their costs (which in both cases are feasible) and just how the bets placed by the bots compare to those advised.Providing everything you need to know to get started with either of these betting bots and to automate your betting profits.
  • 3rd Review: The Free Racing Tipster With A 36% ROI
    Our third and final review focuses on a traditional racing tipster who have provided all their advice for free since 2014, during which time they have accrued an enviable record.Hitting a 36% ROI from free tips that run in the big Saturday feature handicap races only – its a ideal option for those of you on a budget!

How To Get Your Copy (& The Entire Back Catalogue)

You can access your own copy of SBC 105 and our entire back catalogue of magazines the instant you join the Secret Betting Club.

This includes every single tipster review we have ever written (there are literally hundreds available!) and all of the Hall of Fame Tipsters we recommend to make you money betting.

You can also enjoy significant discounts on the cost of joining many of these tipsters via our unique Tipster Discounts exclusively available to SBC members only!

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Save Up To £45 & Enjoy The 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Best of all, by joining today, you can also save up to £45 on the cost of a Secret Betting Club membershipThis is because we have slashed our prices for 2018.

All of which comes with a 90 day money back guarantee – so you can sign-up totally risk-free, with everything to gain and nothing to lose.

We offer the 90 day money back guarantee as we are 100% confident that we can help you and your betting. This is based on our 11 years experience helping countless punters like you transform their betting.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor

388 Points Profit & Counting For This Free-To-SBC Racing Tipster

Last month I wrote to you about the outstanding racing tipster The Rooster who was bang in form after picking up winners at 16/1, 6/1 and 4/1 in August (read it here)

Well the good news is that this particular Rooster has plenty more to crow about with yet more winners recently, including Donjuan Triumphant and Syrian Pearl both obliging at 10/1 in the past 7 days.

Donjuan Triumphant was the Rooster’s tip for the rescheduled Gold Cup at Haydock last Saturday, whilst Syrian Pearl did the business over at Nottingham on Wednesday. Results that are especially impressive when you consider The Rooster normally puts up only 5 or so tips every week, so is very selective in his approach.

The reason I am telling you about this?

Simple – its because all of The Rooster’s advice is exclusively available FREE to you as a Secret Betting Club member. Once inside our service you can find links to sign-up to receive his tips via email OR through access to our tipping forum.

Its safe to say The Rooster is fast becoming a must-have service for many SBC members already and I don’t want you to miss out…


The Rooster’s Long-Term Profits

Whilst we all enjoy backing winners, our own appreciation of The Rooster comes from the long-term profits he has made since 2014.

Here is his full breakdown of stats since then, which help to showcase his absolute quality:

2014: 262 bets, 298 points staked, +131 points profit. 43.96% ROI
2015: 332 bets, 406 points staked, +103 points profit. 25.37% ROI
2016: 325 bets, 391 points staked, +83.5 points profit. 53.37% ROI
2017: 241 bets, 274 points staked, +71 points profit. 25.9% ROI

TOTAL: 1,160 bets, 1,369 points staked, +388.5 points profit. 28.37% ROI

If you had staked a simple £10 on each and every point advised, here is what you would have made:

2014: £1310 profit
2015: £1030 profit
2016: £835 profit
2017: £710 points profit.

TOTAL: £3885 profit.

This is one Rooster with results to crow about!

Join The Secret Betting Club Today & Start Following The Rooster’s Tips!

Plus Access 34 ‘GrandMaster’ Tipsters Worth 240 Euros

Secret Betting Club membership doesn’t just provide access to quality free tipsters like The Rooster but we also regularly negotiate special deals with other websites that can save you £££.

Like for example – our very special deal with the tipster website Pyckio, who for the next month are offering all SBC members free access to their ‘GrandMaster’ tipsters for 2 months – something that usually costs 240€.

All told this provides you access to advice from as many as 34 of their highly ranked tipsters– a full list of which you can find at this link.

Tipping across a variety of sports, with a large history of results and data for you to view, its a great deal for those of you looking to hunt down a new expert to follow!

Tipsters like Kochieke who has made a 132% Betting Bank Growth over 1720 bets tipping on e-sports or others like the football tipster Yanschen who has made a 5.1% ROI over 1482 tips.

You can choose to follow as many GrandMaster tipsters as you like (all 34 if you so pleased) in this exclusive-to-SBC-members deal worth 240€.

EFC 510

How You Can Follow The Rooster (And Others) & Save With SBC

Full details on how you can follow The Rooster and take-up the GrandMaster tipster offer from Pyckio are available the instant you join us at the Secret Betting Club.

These offers are all part of our quest to help you make money betting without needing to break the bank!

You can also find many other special trials, discounts and deals I haven’t got room to mention here, once you are inside the Secret Betting Club.

Whether it be 1 month or 60 day trials with some popular tipsters or even 20% off the long-term cost of a Hall of Fame rated expert, you can find plenty of deals to suit you.

Click here to read more on just a few of these special deals and how they can save you £££ with your betting.

If you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, the Secret Betting Club is here to help.

After all, when you consider that SBC membership starts at just £65.99 for a year’s membership – you can save this sum many times over within just a few weeks.

Best of all, you can currently save up to £38 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up right now and let us help you get started betting better right away!

Join the Secret Betting Club today and learn how we can help you and your betting.

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor



Who Is The Free Racing Tipster Hitting 27% ROI Since 2014?

Everyone loves GOOD free tips – which is why you can now access a whole host of quality tipsters FREE of charge with your Secret Betting Club Membership.

Quality tipsters such as The Rooster, who since June 2016 has been supplying all his advice for free to SBC members via email and through access to the SBC Tipping Forum.

Following a simple and effective staking plan, since he first began sharing his tips all the way back in 2014, he has put up 1,155 tips and made 377.5 points profit at 27.67% Return on Investment!

At a basic £10 stake that is £3,775 profit! Not bad for a free tipster…

He has also made a fine profit each and every year since 2014 and continues to demonstrate a very clear edge over the bookmaker.

This is one Rooster with results to crow about!

Join The Secret Betting Club Today & Start Following The Rooster’s Tips!

16/1 Ebor Winner On Saturday

Only last week, The Rooster put up one Ante-post tip for the Ebor on Saturday – the eventual winner, Nakeeta, which he advised at 16/1 on the Monday a few days before the race. Here is what he had to say when tipping it up:


NAKEETA 1pt win@16/1 Skybet Hills Betfred BV Tote

He has some good course form most recently when 2nd to Dal Haraild(meets on better terms) over the Ebor trip in a Listed race in May.

In many races he has been ridden close to the pace yet in this race he was held up well in rear before staying on well all the way up the straight.

He also has a 2nd and 4th in good handicaps here over 2 miles,one where he kicked for home and was outbattled in the last half furlong and the other where his run was slightly held up in the straight.

The 2nd was at this meeting last year so I’m hoping the trainer has had this as a long term target(as I’m sure many have) and if again ridden some where towards the head of affairs he will be able to go for home and try and outstay the other runners.

He was slightly disappointing last time out when 4th at Newmarket in June but that was his 3rd run in a good handicap in 4 weeks.
Given a nice break since then he is guaranteed to get a run if declared (still in after todays 5 day decs )at the final stage and given his price and doubts about many he looks to have a decent chance.
Already nibbled at there is still a bit of 20/1 available but 16/1 still looks good.

The Rooster
 as we know was spot on with his analysis with Nakeeta seeing some support into 12/1 SP on the day before winning such a competitive race.

Best of all the 16/1 was widely available when his tip was advised and those members able to shop around could have easily obtained 20/1.

That’s not all as he also tipped up 2 more winners last weekend from 5 bets advised: Dubara at 6/1 on Friday and Brigliadoro on Sunday at 4/1.

EFC 510

Who Is The Rooster And How Much Has He Made?

The Rooster is a very selective tipster, choosing to bet only when he feels the horses put forward have a better chance than the odds that are on offer. His is a classic value betting approach.

The average odds of tips put forward are generally quite high (often 10/1+) and he has a staking plan where he risks 1, 2 or 3 points on the horse to win, depending on his confidence and the odds on offer.

His strike-rate over the course of the 1,155 tips he has put forward sits at 13.93%, with 161 winners in total. This equates to roughly 1 winner every 7 to 8 tips on average.

These days, The Rooster tips up at around 10am in the morning when its that much easier to get on at the bookmakers or the exchanges. Especially useful for those of you who prefer to use or who are restricted to the exchanges only.

Best of all, The Rooster has made a profit year-in, year-out since he first began in 2014. Here is his full breakdown of stats:

2014: 262 bets, 298 points staked, +131 points profit. 43.96% ROI
2015: 332 bets, 406 points staked, +103 points profit. 25.37% ROI
2016: 325 bets, 391 points staked, +83.5 points profit. 53.37% ROI
2017: 236 bets, 269 points staked, +60 points profit. 22.3% ROI

TOTAL: 1,155 bets, 1,364 points staked, +377.5 points profit. 27.67% ROI

If you had staked a simple £10 on each and every point advised, here is what you would have made:

2014: £1310 profit
2015: £1030 profit
2016: £835 profit
2017: £600 points profit.

TOTAL: £3775 profit.

SBC 101 468X60

How You Can Follow The Rooster (And Others) For Free

As an SBC member you can follow all of The Rooster’s Tips in 2 ways:

SBC Tipping Forum: You can pick up all of his tips via The Rooster’s thread in the SBC-members-only Tipping Forum


Direct Email:  You can also sign-up to the free Rooster Tips mailing list to get all of his tips the instant they are advised via email.

Alongside The Rooster you can also follow several other profitable tipsters with an SBC membership (either via the Tipping Forum or Direct Email) including:

  • Racing tipsters – Chris Baker, James Boyle & PJA Racing
  • Football tipsters – Jason Mills European League Tips
  • Laying system – the new ‘Accountants Laying System’ both win and place lays
  • Baseball tips – the ‘MLB Magician’

So, if you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, why not consider following some of these free tipsters as part of your Secret Betting Club membership.

After all, when you consider that SBC membership starts at just £65.99 for a year’s membership – the simple act of following The Rooster in has more than paid for this several times over each year!

After all at just £10 stakes since 2014 he will have made you £3775 profit. Averaging £943 per year.

You can currently save £38 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up right now and let us help you get started betting better right away!

Join the Secret Betting Club today and learn how we can help you and your betting.

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor



Are These The 4 Best Free Racing Tipsters Out There?

This week represents the calm after the storm for many gamblers after the craziness of Cheltenham..and if you lost out during the festival, I’m here to help with news on 4 FREE top racing tipsters you should check out.

After all, everyone loves something for free but never more so in the aftermath of Cheltenham – be it because you spent all your money on Guinness or simply because you backed a string of no-hopers.

For the all the Cheltfest buzz, it is after all only 4 days out of a full year you can make money betting and as many a shrewd man has said – a 10/1 winner at Southwell pays the same as a 10/1 winner at the festival. (It’s just a lot less exciting!)

My Quartet Of Freebie Racing Tipsters

So then, back onto the case in point and the 4 racing tipsters I mentioned at the top of this email. Continue reading

Free Tipster Report: Download Your Copy Now

Here at the Secret Betting Club our main goal is very simple…to help you make money betting through our independent reporting on tipster services.

We help do this in a number of ways, one of which is through our regular Tipster Profit Reports, which compare and contrast over 50 different tipsters to help you choose the right ones.

…And so to help showcase the power of access to these reports, we have prepared a sample for you to download totally for free!

Click Here to Download Your Free Tipster Profit Report

This free Tipster Profit Report features details on our tipster ratings, key facts pages, tipster commentary and tipster best buy tables plus much more.

It should provide you a real insight into how our Tipster Profit Reports can help you and your betting!

The Ideal Companion For Any Serious Bettor

If you like this free issue, then you might like to consider picking up our latest full Tipster Profit Report (released last week), which is available to all Secret Betting Club members.

It features full details on all 50+ tipsters we currently monitor plus best buy tables, reports, ratings and analysis plus our full list of recommended ‘Hall of Fame’ tipsters.

The instant you join our community of like-minded punters, you can download your copy of the full report and begin your quest to making more money betting with tipsters.

Join The Secret Betting Club

Free & Budget Tipsters That Will Change Your Betting For The Better…

It seems like everyone fancies themselves as a tipster these days!!.

It’s fairly easy to understand why – start a twitter account or blog advising tips, pick a few early winners and soon enough, you can start charging for your advice.

So the key question for any punter is ‘how do I find good quality free (and budget) tipsters when there are so many so-called tipsters around’?

Well, that’s where we at the Secret Betting Club can help.  It is our role to monitor and proof hundreds of tipsters for the benefit of all our members. We sift through the good, bad and the ugly of the tipster world to reveal to you which of them are genuinely profitable and worth following.

And today with the help of our latest members report, I want to showcase details on some of the BEST budget and low-cost tipsters we recommend.

Some of them are so good, that they put many more expensive tipsters firmly in the shade. Continue reading

14 Top Tipsters That Wont Break The Bank

One of the biggest myths when it comes to following tipsters, is that the good ones ultimately cost a lot of money in subscription fees.

Sure, you get the odd exceptions of tipsters who charge large sums, but the vast majority these days play fair and are more than affordable.

So if you are thinking of following tipsters but have been put off by the perceived cost…let me show why it’s easier and cheaper than you think (plus just how much money you could make).

52 Top Tipsters Rated And Compared

Every other month, we painstakingly build up our Tipster Profit Report, the latest of which is due for release in the next few days.

It features the full proofed results of 52 top tipsters, all of which we have rated, ranked and compiled into various league tables.

One such example is our ‘Best Low Cost’ tipster table, which we compile for Horse Racing and Sports Betting services separately. This compares the best tipsters that charge the lowest fees and illustrates the annualised profit you can expect to make if following them.

The Best Affordable Racing Tipsters 

Let me show you with some examples such as our best performing Racing Tipsters, all of whom charge £20 or less a month on average. I have removed their names as this is for SBC members only but as you can see the profits on offer are excellent for such affordable services.

Continue reading

5 Of The Best Tipsters…And How You Can Follow Them

Despite popular opinion, when it comes to finding winning tipsters that make a proven profit betting, you needn’t spend a fortune to get hold of them.

It’s something I originally highlighted a few weeks back with my post on these 3 profitable free racing tipsters and today I want to expand further on this.

The simple fact is that you needn’t splash out huge sums of money, because if you know where to look, then you can find some of the very best tipster experts available with a Secret Betting Club membership

To prove this point today, I want to share with you details on 5 of the best tipsters and systems from our betting forum, the profits they have made and how you can begin following them. Continue reading