Special SBC Investigation: Black Type. Exclusive Interview & Odds Analysis

I am very pleased to announce the release today of a special Secret Betting Club report investigating the new ‘winners welcome’ bookmaker: Black Type.

Granted a world first exclusive interview with them, I have grilled them on all aspects of their operation, including exactly how and why they welcome winning gamblers as customers.

Not afraid to tackle the difficult questions many punters have about their motives and unique bookmaking model, it’s a must-read for anyone keen to find a solution to account restrictions and closures.

Comparative Odds Analysis

As part of my teams detailed investigation, inside the report you can also read a comprehensive analysis of how Black Type’s odds compare when set against their bookmaking rivals.

Helping to answer the key question: Does their winners-welcome policy come at a cost in terms of the odds they offer?

There is analysis on how their odds hold up in comparison across a range of markets and sports, including horse racing, with data on both low and high quality racing meetings to share with you.

Effectively, everything you need to know about how Black Type might be able to help you and your betting.


Currently, this special Black Type report is available ONLY to Secret Betting Club members.

You can gain instant access to it (and our entire 10 year+ back catalogue) by subscribing to the Secret Betting Club right away.

Better Betting Campaign Latest

The release of this special investigation into Black Type is the latest development in our Better Betting Campaign, which is calling for action on 3 major issues many punters currently face, including the increased restriction and closure of betting accounts by many bookmakers.

Black Type’s unique model is helping to challenge this by openly welcoming all winning gamblers and offering to lay to lose up to £500 on any given bet.

This is in direct contrast to many major UK bookmakers who, as our ‘restrictions and closures’ survey reveals, are now refusing to accept bets from a huge number of punters, even those making but a small profit or betting at no larger than £10 stakes.

You can read more about the eye-opening findings from this survey, including the depth of the issue and the very worst bookmakers by accessing our free ‘Getting On’ Report.

Available in PDF format – you can download it FREE via the Better Betting Campaign Webpage.

Campaign Progress

Since the launch of the Better Betting Campaign, we have also seen significant progress on two of the other key issues we are seeking to raise awareness of, namely:

  • The widespread use of unauthorised tracking software;
  • The steady increase in bet disputes by bookmakers acting without proper regulation.

Following nationwide media coverage of both issues, on the 21st October, the Competition & Markets Authority reacted by announcing an investigation into whether online gambling companies are treating their customers fairly. It is being held jointly with The Gambling Commission amid their growing concern of misleading behaviour in the industry.

For those of you keen to read more on all of the latest – be sure to check out the ‘In the News’ section from the Campaign itself.

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