Tipster Lies & Statistics / Calculating Betting Bank Growth

“Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics” …So goes the well-known phrase made popular by Mark Twain on how people (usually politicians) use numbers to push forward weak arguments.

Yet it’s not just politicians who like to bend the truth with numbers, but also tipsters too, with some of the worst culprits playing fast and loose with their profit figures.

For example, here are just a few claims I received from various tipster spam mailing lists I seem to be on:

  • “102 points profit so far made in June”
  • “I made £2551 Profit in just 4 days”
  • “Earn £800 a week tax-free per week”

The problem with each of these claims is that they only discuss profit without any context.

You might have made 102 points profit in June, but it’s not much use if the first 5 months of the year lost 200 points is it?

Even if the service in question has a long-term profitable record (unlikely as its spam!) then how much money did they risk to make those 102 points profit?

After all, you wouldn’t want to be risking £200,000 to make that £800 a week would you? 

How To Put Tipster Results Into Context

So how exactly can you weigh up how valuable a tipster really is and put their profit figures into context?

Well, one of the best methods we advocate is working out its Return on Capital (ROC), which is sometimes also known as Betting Bank Growth.

This is a very effective calculation as it tells you how much your initial money will grow over a period of time.

Simply quoting 102 points profit means nothing, but 102% ROC – well that would indicate you have more than doubled your betting bank.

Here are a few examples to explain further…

  • Tipster A makes 50% ROC in a 6 month period
    If starting with £2000 you would now have a £1000 profit (50% ROC)
  • Tipster B makes a 150% ROC over the course of a football season
    If starting with £5000, you would now have a £7500 profit (150% ROC)
  • Tipster C makes a 300% ROC over a 2 year period
    If starting with £1000, you would now have a £3000 profit (300% ROC).

Why ROC Often Beats ROI!

For my money, working out the ROC or Return on Capital for any tipster often supersedes many other calculations, including Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI works out how much you have to stake to make your profit and whilst important, it is often ROC that provides even greater context.

As an example, check out the stats on the football tipster below, who over the course of 2 seasons has made a 8.8% ROI and 66.6 points profit from 824 bets.


Now at first glance to some punters, this record seems OK at best. Only 66.6 points profit in 2 years at 8.08% ROI might seem fairly small in comparison to some other tipsters.

Yet, you would be wrong to ignore these stats and you will see why when I add in the ROC figures below.


Due to the relatively high strike-rate and our suggested bank size, the ROC calculation comes in at 166.5% for the entire 2 season period

That’s 95.7% bank growth in 2015/16 and 70.8% bank growth in the 2016/17 season.

Starting with £2000 in 2015, you would have made a profit of £3,320 over the course of these 2 seasons.

I don’t know about you but if I could guarantee my betting bank would grow by 166% over the course of 2 seasons football betting, I would take that!

One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Despite all the above, you do need to be very careful when it comes to working out your betting bank sizes as some tipsters do not have a clue on what to advise!

I have seen several examples where a tipster has claimed a huge ROC, yet clearly have far too small a betting bank suggestion.

So small, that if following you would have bust your bank long before any profit is made.

All of which is why, here at SBC we set our own betting bank sizes for EVERY tipster we review, using a special simulator we developed to help calculate the optimum suggestion.

This simulator crunches the numbers for each tipster to arrive at a suggested betting bank figure that is realistic and fair.

Some tipsters don’t like this as we often recommend higher betting bank sizes to those they suggest.

Yet ultimately what is most important to us is providing you with fair and accurate betting bank suggestions you can stick to.

Expert Guidance On ROC, ROI, Profit, Banks & More

You can discover more on the best performing tipsters for ROC (or Betting Bank Growth) as a Secret Betting Club member.

Not only this, but you can also find comparison tables providing you with details on:

  • The best overall tipster
  • The most profitable tipsters
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months
  • The best low cost tipsters
  • The best free tipsters
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices)
  • And much more besides…

We also know that its not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – how their profits stand up if betting often 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if worried about not getting the advised prices!)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables – how much money you need to risk and how much you can make betting. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic.

For those of you keen to understand how betting banks work, we also have a full rundown in the Pro Gambler Blueprint we supply to you as a Secret Betting Club member.

All of this is available to you the instant you join us at the Secret Betting Club.

Best of all, you can now join and save up to £38 as part of our specially discounted 2017 membership prices.


See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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Have You Been Caught Out By These 5 Dodgy Tipster Practices?

Despite the Secret Betting Club‘s work over the years in trying to clean up and provide some regulation to the betting tipster scene, there are still sadly a number of tipster scams that continue to do the rounds.

Whilst the internet has helped in providing transparency and ease of access to good tipsters, it has also opened up new ways to rip off punters through the likes of social media, where unwitting people continue to get caught out.

To help protect you from some of these scams, I have put together a list of 5 of the most common dodgy tipster ploys to watch out for.

Varying from the outright scandalous to the somewhat dubious, it’s a quick rundown of what you as a punter need to be aware of before you join any tipster service.

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Dodgy Tipster #1 – Selling Others Tips As Your Own

The inspiration for today’s article is the ‘tipster leech’ who sells off the exact same tips from other genuine experts as his own. Unable to figure out a way to win at betting himself, he simply copies others and leeches off the best – yet all the while pretending to be the expert in question.

After a few months, he invariably gets caught out and so constantly needs to reinvent himself and come up with something new for his mailing list (no doubt full of emails purchased without permission)

Not so long ago, I received a suspicious looking email from him advertising a new hyped wonder system and after analysing the ‘claimed’ results, I spotted identical tips as to those we at SBC have received from another genuine long-serving tipster.

It quickly became apparent that he was a subscriber to this tipster and was re-selling the tips on without permission (and at a pretty hefty fee too). Worst of all, he was supplying them later in the day and after much of the value in the bet had actually gone.

I duly notified the tipster in question who identified the culprit pirating the tips and removed him from his service.

Sadly, it won’t be the last I hear from this ‘tipster leech’ as he has been around for years, making up websites and false promises of tipping expertise on a regular basis. It highlights the care you must take when you get an email out of the blue promising the earth from a tipster service, especially one new on the scene.

Dodgy Tipster #2 – Social Media Tipsters

Social Media has come to dominate our lives over recent years and the likes of Twitter and Facebook continue to be a breeding group for tipster scams.

It’s easy to understand why as you can setup a new Facebook page or Twitter account in seconds, put up a bunch of tips and if they win – great, if they lose, just delete it.

This happens regularly, especially with bets like accas, which are hugely popular on Social Media. All you need do is simply create 10 accounts on Twitter or Facebook, put up a slightly different version of an acca on each one and boom, one of them will probably come good each weekend.

Sometimes the social media tipster actually wants you to lose as they take a cut from the losses incurred through bookmaker affiliate links (As when you lose, the bookies win)

It’s one reason we only proof or review tipsters who actually have a genuine website (not just a Social Media account) with at least 12 months of results to work with.

Be very, very careful therefore if you follow tipsters with a social media presence only.

Why Did You Join The Secret Betting Club?

“To find profitable tipsters and to read the guides available for SBC members on profitable betting. Before SBC, I’d followed various other systems and ratings, some successfully, but mostly unsuccessfully. SBC helps steer punters towards profitable and reliable tipsters. It’s great that SBC is independent too”

As written by ‘K’ – An SBC member for several years

Click here to read more from K on his SBC membership experience

Dodgy Tipster #3 – Claiming ‘Inside Information’

It’s the oldest trick in the book – claim to have ‘inside information’ about tips guaranteed to win and asking for people to stump up the cash in the hope of getting in on the action.

The sad reality is that even if accepting the fact there might be a very small number of people who do get inside info on certain horses to win a race – they are never going to share it with a stranger, no matter how convincing they sound or how much they charge.

In all the years working at SBC, we have discovered not one genuine ‘inside info’ based tipster worth bothering with.

They almost exclusively are all-mouth-no-trousers types with one goal – to fleece you of cash.

Dodgy Tipster #4 – Quoting Nonsense Prices With Nonsense Bookies

Sliding down the scale of dubious practices are the tipsters who continuously quote odds with bookies that no-one can realistically obtain.

Those tipsters that put up tips available only with bookies such as Boylesports, who according to the results of our Better Betting Campaign, either closed or severely restricted 82% of all surveyed betting accounts. Download our free Getting On’ Report for more on our campaign and survey that reveal these stats.

At the best of times, punters with even a hint of nous about them stand little or no chance getting on with the likes of Boylesports – even if you do, there is every chance if backing a winner your account will be closed.

Other firms consistently poorly rated for closing or restricting accounts include the likes of Stan James, Betway and Ladbrokes and tips put forward with them might not be obtainable for most punters.

So before you get too excited about any tipster, make sure you note which bookmakers they are quoting prices with. If its one of the four firms mentioned above, the chances of you getting a decent bet on are likely to be limited in the long-run.

Hugh Taylor – Are His Quoted Prices Realistic?

Although he isn’t a dodgy tipster (more one that puts up prices no one can realistically achieve), I have to question the likes of At The Races tipster – Hugh Taylor when he puts up tips with a standout price available only with Boylesports.

Just yesterday he put up Mucho Applause at a standout 50/1 with Boylesports – a horse that saw significant backing all the way into its eventual 16/1 SP (it came 7th). Here is the advice he put forward:

How many of his followers might have taken the 50/1 with Boylesports I wonder? Very few I imagine and those that had won’t find their accounts lasting too long if backing 50/1 shots that start at 16/1 SP.

Dodgy Tipster #5 – Silly Stakes & Results Out of Context

Finally, one of my biggest bugbears are those tipsters who quote profits to silly stakes such as 50 or 100 points, simply to make their profits look big.

It might make a great headline to say…”We made 1000 pts profit last month” but if you had to risk 100,000 points to make that – well its nothing to shout about at all. That is just a 1% return on investment (ROI)

Tipsters that constantly claim results out of context wind me right up because it is so misleading and often it’s a sign they are to avoided at all costs.

As a minimum, from any tipster, you should expect to see full results stats including number of bets, amount staked, total profit and key calculations such as return on investment and return on capital.

Putting their results into an accurate context so you can judge just how good they REALLY are.

That’s The Bad, How About The Good?

Hopefully the 5 points above will give you a good steer on some of the more popular dodgy tipster practices out there currently and what to avoid.

If however, you are looking for actually bonafide, genuine tipsters then here at the Secret Betting Club we can help you.

We work full-time on not only reviewing the best new tipsters, but also tracking the ones that continue to make money betting for SBC members.

Ranking and reviewing each tipster not only by their profits, but also how realistically achievable their odds are, how good their customer service is and many other factors. Click here to read all about our exhaustive review and rating process.

You can read all about the very best tipsters, including the 34 top racing experts we recommend in our very latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report.

And for those of you more interested in betting away from racing, you can also find similar reports dedicated to the best football, tennis, US sports and golf tipsters. Full details on all of the reports we provide can be found here.

Best of all you can subscribe instantly and save up to £38 on the cost of a yearly membership currently!


See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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Betting With Tipsters: 4 Simple Steps To Success

Last Friday saw the release of our special Bet Diary Profit Report, outlining the money betting that SBC writer, Rowan had made following 8 tipsters over the past year.

Download your copy by clicking the image below.

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Yet, whilst Rowan’s experience is proof positive of the ability to make money betting using tipsters, what else do you need to know to make your betting all a success?

4 Simple Steps To Your Betting Success

To help explain, Rowan has also put together 4 very simple and straightforward steps to setting your betting up professionally.

All with the end goal of helping you make excellent profits following a portfolio of expert tipsters.

If you can follow each step of this process then betting can become a means of serious investment. Rowan is proof of this after all!

Let’s break it all down and take a closer look at each of these steps…

Step 1: Getting the best prices – opening bookmaker accounts 

A common mistake punters make is not attaching enough importance to the odds they’re getting on their bets.

Often this is because they open just one bookmaker account and then use that firm to place all of their bets.  Whilst the bookies love this ‘brand loyalty’, as a punter this approach will only lose you money.

Taking odds of 5/2 on a horse instead of 3/1 doesn’t sound as if it should make too much difference to your bottom line.  But over time, it makes a massive difference.  At £50 stakes, it’s a difference of £25 profit for every bet that wins– which all adds up.

It is therefore hugely important to shop around and get the best prices you possibly can, and to do that you need to have a choice of bookmakers that you can bet with.

Also – it’s well worth maximizing your usage of the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) concession, which according to Oddschecker, is now available with 18 different horse racing bookies.

BOG ensures that if you take a price on a horse and it drifts out, then you will be paid at the longer SP should it win. Another reason to have accounts with all 18 bookies to ensure you benefit from this whilst you can.

The other reason to hold as many accounts as possible is to spread your winnings around different bookmakers. It is a reality that in today’s modern betting world, bookmakers sniff out people who they think might have an edge over them and close or limit your accounts.

One obvious way to avoid this is not to keep flogging the same bookmaker with every bet…especially when they win!

Winning £1800 with one bookie in a short space of time will probably see you attract their attention, yet winning £100 across 18 different accounts will probably not.

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Step 2: Choosing the right tipsters TO SUIT YOU! 

Whilst the Secret Betting Club can help you when it comes to identifying the best tipsters – choosing the right tipsters to actually suit you is incredibly important.

This is because not every tipster will be right for your circumstances – whether it be the time of bet release, quantity of bets, price, strike-rate of any number of things.

Let’s say for example, you decide to sign up to a racing tipster who release their tips at 10am every morning.

If at this time of day you are working and unable to place bets until, say lunchtime…well then you might find the odds on the tips have shortened considerably. Thus meaning you have missed out on the value identified by your tipster.  And if you’re not betting at value prices, you WILL lose money in the long run.

Instead you should focus on tipsters that put up tips at lunchtime (and there are plenty out there that do this).

Your attitude to risk and expectations on how quickly you want to make a profit should also help you choose the right tipsters

If, for example you hate losing, then a profitable tipster that picks out bets at an average price of 10/1, might not sit well with your psychological profile.

If, for example only 15% of their 10/1 bets win – that will undoubtedly mean relatively long losing runs at times. In this scenario, you may well find yourself being worn down mentally, possibly to the point where you make expensive mistakes with your betting.

Step 3: Spreading the risk. 

Diversification is everything.  As with any form of serious investment, spreading the risk is vital for long term success.

Within the Bet Diary blog that Rowan writes, you can follow his ongoing ups and downs of following a portfolio of tipster services to make money.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the services being followed:

  1. A racing tipster form reader who tips primarily on the flat/all weather.
  2. A second racing tipster who tips exclusively over the jumps.
  3. A third racing tipster that backs selections between 7/4 and 3/1 only
  4. A golf tipster that provides advice for all major tournaments
  5. A football service that concentrates on the English domestic leagues.

You can see that either the method, or the area of specialty, is different with each service.  In other words, there is minimal correlation between the way each of the services operate.  This avoids the situation whereby a large and disproportionate stake is being placed on one market or sport.

As ever the old proverb rings true – don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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Step 4: Recording the results and making a profit. 

If you want to make your betting a success, keeping an accurate record of results is essential, so that at any given moment in time the exact profit and loss position can be seen.

Looking at the portfolio of five services in Step 3, how did they perform over the past 12 months?

Taking a look at the results from April 1st, 2016 to March 31st 2017 tells us all:

  1. 76.68pts profit, ROI 8.8%, ROC 95.8%.
  2. 4.33pts profit, ROI 11%, ROC 8.6%.
  3. *22pts profit, ROI 5.9%, ROC 22%. (*only followed since August).
  4. 122.1pts profit, ROI 16.9%, ROC 61%.
  5. 18.62pts profit, ROI 12.9%, ROC 37.3%.

In this example, Rowan’s greatest profit in terms of Betting Bank Growth – The ROC originated from Service 1 and 4, whilst the smallest ROC profit came from Service 2.

It might be that he wishes to allocate more funds to the most profitable and evaluate those at the other end of the scale to understand if he should continue to follow them.

It is only by keeping an individual record of performance for each tipster that you can understand your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses.

How SBC Can Help Every Step Of The Way

Hopefully these 4 simple steps will have given you some insight into how easy it is to get started making money betting with tipsters and a few straightforward pointers on how to maximise your efforts.

As an SBC member, we provide you with everything you could possibly need to know about how to elevate your betting so that it becomes a true investment.

You will receive:

  • Advice on the best (and worst) bookmakers plus exchanges to open accounts with;
  • Detailed tipster reviews outlining key points such as time/date of bet release, patience needed to follow, betting bank requirements, suitability to those in different time zones;
  • Reviews and recommendations across a wide variety of sports including Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis, Darts, NFL, Basketball, NHL, Baseball, Rugby & more.
  • A 3-month free trial to the Pro Bet Recording/Tracking Service (Worth $12 a month)

A Secret Betting Club membership also comes with a 90-day risk-free money back guarantee so you can sign-up today and try out the service.

Sign up for your instant Secret Betting Club membership

Wishing you the best of luck with your betting!

Rowan (Writer) & Peter (Editor)
Secret Betting Club


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Revealed: How Much We Made Using Tipsters Last Year

To help showcase how easy it can be to make money betting with tipsters, we have today released a special report outlining the betting profits made by SBC writer, Rowan Day over the last 12 months.

Inside this report, you can read all about Rowan’s tipster portfolio and exactly how much he has made following 8 tipsters over the past 12 months.

The good news is that its been another profitable year for him….Providing yet more evidence (were it needed) that the top rated tipsters we recommend are well worth following!

Download Rowan’s Bet Diary Report PDF

Read More Via The Bet Diary

For the past 2 years, Rowan has been writing a free weekly betting blog called the ‘Bet Diary‘ for SBC, through which he has outlined the ongoing profit (and occasional losses) the tipsters he follows have made.

This newly released report outlines the total profit figures over the period April 2016 to March 2017 for each of the tipsters in his portfolio.

Rowan follows just 8 tipsters, which are a mixture of horse racing, football and golf tipsters that suit him and his commitments.

Updated weekly, check out the Bet Diary for the latest from Rowan.

How To Copy Or Even Improve On Rowan’s Profits

If you are keen to emulate Rowan (or even to simply copy his approach!) then you might like to consider a Secret Betting Club membership.

We provide you with all the information (both theoretical and practical) to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

Through access to the Secret Betting Club you can read all of our reports and magazines on the best tipsters for you to follow.

Best of all – you can sign-up now for either a Gold or Platinum subscription and enjoy a 90-day risk free membership. So if you find our service not to your liking (we don’t imagine you will!) then you can get your money back, no questions asked.

Sign-up now and get started with instant access to our service.

See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


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Why You Should SERIOUSLY Consider Betting On Tennis

If you have yet to consider betting on Tennis, then the tipster reviewed in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 100) might make you think twice!

With 135.8% Betting Bank Growth (ROC) since March 2016 and with achievable odds in markets where bookmakers don’t restrict you – it’s easy to understand our interest!

Coupled with a high strike-rate, the ability to bet via the Exchanges PLUS the fact it can fill the void in a quiet summer for football betting – I want to urge you to check out our latest review!

Allow me to share some more details on what we uncovered in this latest tipster review and just why you need to consider betting on Tennis…

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135.8 Points Profit (10.6% ROI) Since March 2016

First and foremost, the only reason we are interested in any tipster is the ability to make a profit betting and this Tennis tipster ticks all the boxes in that respect.

Since he first began in March 2016, he has provided 1,286 tips and made a 135.8 point profit at 10.6% ROI (Return on Investment).

For those of you interested in betting bank growth, the ROC (Return on Capital) is an equally impressive 135.8%.

More than doubling your betting bank if following since he started.

NK 240417

Achievable Odds & No Restrictions/Closures

Profitable results aside, there are several other reasons why you need to consider Tennis betting:

  • Bet On The Exchanges Or Via Asian Bookies
    As this tipster focuses on the main ATP tennis tournaments, this allows you to bet via the exchanges such as Betfair and Matchbook, where liquidity is strong. Those of you with access to ‘Asian’ bookies such as Pinnacle Sports and SBOBet can also get your bets on.
  • Easy To Get Your Bets On! (Less Restrictions)
    Unlike sports such as Horse Racing where it can be a right battle to get your bets accepted by the bookie, it is generally a LOT easier to place a tennis bet. Even with some of the usual high-street bookie suspects that limit your ability to place racing bets.
  • High Strike-Rate Of Winners
    Another benefit this tipster provides is his high strike-rate for success, which sits at 48.4% long-term.  Just under every 1 in 2 bets you place will go onto win.
  • Short Losing Runs
    No-one likes losing and the high strike-rate also ensures that any bad runs are relatively short. The worst calendar month loss stands at just -8.3 points in January 2017. This loss was quickly made back and 2017 now stands at +36.1 points profit after an exceptional run of form.
  • Bet Throughout The Summer
    This Summer, there is no World Cup, Euros or even Copa America to enjoy and bet on, so it promises to be a quiet one for football fans! Yet, there will be plenty of Tennis matches and tournaments to fill the betting void with.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio
    If you follow a few tipsters then its important to diversify the sports and markets you bet on. Tennis is a great way to do this and avoid over-reliance on just one sport like horse racing or football.

SBC 100 468X60

Game, Set & Match To You!

Whether you are a Tennis fan or or not, be sure to check out our in-depth review of this tipster as featured in SBC 100 – available the instant you join our club.

After all, it matters not a jot if you enjoy the sport you bet on if it makes you money!

Alongside Tennis, we also review and recommend tipsters across a plethora of other sports such as Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, American Football & Darts.

Whatever and wherever your interest lies, we can help you and your betting.

I should also mention here that as an SBC member you can also get a free extra 20% membership extension if joining this Tennis tipster once you read our review.

All part of the exclusive tipster discounts we are able to pass onto you as an member thanks to the unique way we are funded.

What’s more, you can currently save £38 on the cost of subscription so don’t delay, sign-up right now and let us help you get started betting better right away!


See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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4 Reviewed Tipsters Up Over £26K Profit Last Year (After Subs Fees!)

Last week saw the release of the very latest Tipster Profit Report, featuring details on 4 new ‘Hall of Fame’ rated tipsters making serious profits.

An SBC Hall of Fame award is only given to those tipsters we fully recommend – it’s an accolade we certainly don’t dish out lightly!

Yet when you consider that the 4 combined have made a profit AFTER subscription fees of £26,384 to our suggested betting banks – it’s easy to see why they deserved the upgrade. Especially considering the fact those fees average just £143 per month.

Allow me to explain more…

£26,384 Profit For Just A £143 Monthly Outlay

In each Tipster Profit Report, we publish ‘Suggested Profits’ tables, which help to outline the realistic profits all of our Hall of Fame tipsters are making.

These are based on our ‘Suggested Betting Bank’ recommendations that indicate the profits you can make if following our betting bank advice.

Using these suggested betting banks, below you can read the EXACT figures from the 4 new Hall of Fame-rated tipsters over the past 12 months.


The headline figure to watch out for here is the combined profit of £26,384 for all 4 of these tipsters from the past 12 months. This is generated from a £143 monthly outlay (a figure already deducted off the £26,384 profit tally) and a total of £10,500 set aside as a betting bank.

Of course, you don’t need to follow our suggested betting bank sizes – you can make a clear profit with each tipster if using smaller betting banks.

As per some of the other ratings included here…

Service Intensity details how much time a service will take out of your day to follow. A high intensity rating suggests a tipster that advises several tips every day vs. a low intensity tipster that might put up just 1 tip per day.

The monthly cost is the average subscription fee payable to the tipster for their advice and the start date is when they started out tipping. Finally, the SBC trial or discount column, lists those tipsters either offering SBC members a preferential deal, be it a free-trial or exclusive saving.

I have made around 20k per year extra”…

I used to work as trader for Paddypower and Sportsbet so i have an obvious interest in betting. [Using Tipsters] I have made around 20k per year extra.”    
As written by Justin – An SBC member since December 2013

Click here to read more from Justin on his SBC membership experience

More On Each Of The 4 Tipsters

Although the exact identities of each tipster is protected for Secret Betting Club members only (The ‘Secret’ part of our name in action!) below you can read a quick snapshot of just why we rate them so highly below…

Tipster 1
£2000 made a £7,991 profit after fees in the last 12 months.
788% Bank Growth since July 2014
£1 60-day trial available

The first tipster in our list is a racing expert we have been tracking since July 2014, during which time he has proofed 2770 bets and made an exceptional ROI of 25.44%.

Perhaps most impressively is the betting bank growth, which since 2014 sits at 788% – you would have grown your investment nearly 8 times during this period!

If you are interested in this tipster, you can enjoy a 60 day free trial for just £1, with access to our Tipster Savings.

Tipster 2
£3500 made a £4783 profit after fees in the last 12 months.
442% Bank Growth since October 2013
50% discount on your first month

The second tipster entered into our Hall of Fame is another racing tipster, yet one that focuses on the big meetings and tips horses at double-figure odds.

Over the course of 2457 bets, they have made a 16.77% ROI, although in the last year they have upped that significantly to 31.64% ROI thanks to a string of big winners.

Once again, you can save on this tipster with a 50% discount on your first months membership if an SBC member.

SBC 99 468X60

Tipster 3
£2000 made a £8258 profit after fees in the last 7 months
449% Bank Growth since July 2016

The 3rd and final racing tipster entered into our Hall of Fame this month has been making some mindboggling profits in a very short space of time – with 449% bank growth in just 7 months.

Tipping up plenty of bets every day (between 15 and 20 on average) it’s only for the more full-time punters amongst you, especially considering they have put up 4670 tips since July 2016.

The standard of performance has been excellent and over such a large set of data, they are unquestionably Hall of Fame standard.

Tipster 4
£3000 made a £5082 profit after fees in the last 12 months
421% Bank Growth since December 2014

Last but certainly not least, the final tipster upgraded into the Hall of Fame this month is a South American football expert making some serious profits for followers.

Over the course of 1582 tips, he has made a 8.26% ROI from his must-follow advice, which in these easy-to-get-on football markets is an excellent return indeed!

Has been in especially good form over the last 6 months, making 132% Bank Growth from 434 bets during this period.

Get Stared With Hall of Fame Tipsters

If you are looking for help finding good tipsters that can help you make money betting, then our Hall of Fame is without doubt the best place to start.

Alongside the 4 featured above, you can also find a further 20 Hall of Fame rated tipsters in our latest Tipster Profit Report (read more about how these reports can help you)

As ever, all our Tipster Ratings and Reviews are 100% independent and any Hall of Fame recommendations are based on each tipster meeting our strict criteria for inclusion. Unlike other review sites, we never accept payment for positive reviews, nor use affiliate links which might compromise our integrity. Read more about our 100% independent policy.

You can access full details on the Hall of Fame, the latest Tipster Profit Report and our detailed ratings and reviews on hundreds of tipsters the instant you join us.

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See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor


“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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Can You Win Betting On Football Accas? Free Report Inside

This Tipster Is – Download His Free Report!

If you enjoy betting on football, chances are you have posed the question…Can I make a profit betting on Football Accumulators? (or Accas as they are often termed)

Well the good news is YES you can profit from accas but only if following an expert tipster like Paul Ruffy, who has a proven strategy on how to make them pay.

Through his tipster service, Matchday Profits (which we have proofed extensively), Paul advises you on the best accas to place and with which bookmaker. So far he has made a minimum of 68 points profit at 43% Return on Investment from his accas alone.

Best of all, Paul has prepared a special free report on his successful football accumulator strategy, which he has kindly allowed me to share with you all today…

Download Paul’s Free ‘How To Win With Football Accumulators’ Report

To showcase his profitable Football Accumulator expertise, Paul has put together a free 12-page report on his betting strategy for you to download.

Click Here To Download Now (link opens up PDF file)

Within this free report you can read:

  • How he has turned the tables on the bookies (who view acca punters as cash cows);
  • Why his method is safe to follow (he is not bonus bagging)
  • His ‘Bankers & Base’ acca strategy and how you can replicate it;
  • His performance with and without acca insurance;
  • The best ‘acca’ bookmakers to place your bets with.


Over $1 Million In Profits Betting…

My total profits since joining the Secret Betting Club are well over $1 million of which SBC approved tipsters account for about 25% of that amount.”
As written by Billy McPherson – An SBC member since 2011

Click here to read more from Billy on his SBC experience

How Not To Be An Acca ‘Mug-Punter’

I am happy to recommend Paul and his Matchday Profits service, having examined it in detail on behalf of SBC members back in August 2016.

I was impressed by his unique and sensible strategy to make a profit betting on football accas, which traditionally have been viewed by bookmakers as a very lucrative market (It attracts what they term ‘mug-punters’).

Paul has turned this on its head as his results below prove (presented both with and without the of ‘acca insurance’)


Acca insurance is an offer many bookies provide whereby if 1 selection in an acca of 5 or more loses, you get your money back or a free bet. It is not essential to place your bets with a bookie offering acca insurance, but it can help increase your profits.

A full review of Matchday Profits, can be found in Part 5 of our Essential Football Compendium.

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Save £20 On The Cost Of A Year’s Membership

In an exclusive deal, all Secret Betting Club members can save £20 on the cost of a year’s subscription to Matchday Profits.

Instead of the usual price of £97 for a year, through the special discount link provided to you as a Secret Betting Club member, you can join Paul for just £77.

But be warned – Paul tells me that he genuinely won’t be able to offer this discount for much longer AND that he expects to have to increase the cost soon too.

So if you want to follow him in – NOW is the time to act.

If signing-up today, you can also jump on Paul’s advice for tonight’s Champions League games, including a likely £30 to £35 free offer from Bet365 you won’t want to miss.

As ever, this special saving is ONLY available to Secret Betting Club subscribers as part of the unique ‘Tipster Discounts‘ we negotiate on their behalf.

Due to the way SBC is funded by member subscriptions – we are able to negotiate these unique deals and pass 100% of the savings onto them. Helping line their pockets, not ours!

Once you have signed-up for your Secret Betting Club subscription, simply visit our members area, click on the ‘Tipster Savings’ link and you will find full details on how to take-up this special discounted Matchday Profits subscription (plus several other major trials and discounts unique to SBC!)

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See you on the inside…

Peter Ling
SBC Editor

P.s. If you are more interested in betting on racing – check out this profitable Betfair SP tipster making big profits. He is also offering an exclusive 30 day trial for just £1 with an ongoing 50% discount for each month thereafter!

“90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”……

“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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Can You Make A Profit Betting At Betfair SP? This Tipster Can…

It’s one of the most common questions I receive these days – Can you recommend a tipster that makes a profit betting at Betfair SP?

The good news is that YES I can recommend a profitable Betfair SP Tipster AND best of all – they are offering you the chance to sample their advice for just £1 for 30 days.

If after 30 days you like their service, you can also save 50% on the ongoing monthly cost.

Interested? I thought so….

Revealed: The Profitable Betfair SP Tipster

The tipster in question is ‘All Weather Profits‘, who we have been proofing at SBC since June 2015, during which time we have personally verified over 1000 tips and witnessed them first-hand making significant profits at Betfair SP.

The All Weather Profits setup is very easy to follow.

They email out a handful of tips between 9 and 10am whenever there is all weather racing to bet upon, with all bets following a fixed staking plan of 2 points to win at Betfair SP.

Check out their results since 2014 below:


Results to this simple method have been fantastic during each of the 3 years the service has been live.

2214 bets, a profit of 529.7 points, and a 12% Return on Investment.

And yes – these results do deduct 5% commission from each profitable bet. Thus ensuring that if you have a lower Betfair commission rate (as most people do), you will make a greater profit than those quoted.

Is Your Betting A Serious Investment Or Just Fun?…

Keen to learn how to make real money betting following tipsters? Follow our real-life pro punter, Rowan and his profitable tipster quest on the SBC Bet Diary.
Free to read – 2017 has got off to a flyer!

Read The SBC Bet Diary

Even Better Profits With Bookmaker Access

Whilst ticking all the boxes when it comes to making a profit at Betfair SP, those of you with access to bookmaker accounts, might also be able to increase profits further.

During an 8 month period of intensive tracking, we noted the best odds available with a reputable bookmaker, both 15 and 60 minutes after All Weather Profits put forward their tips.

The upshot of this research is that if taking a bookmaker price within 15 minutes of the tip being advised, we noted an increase in ROI of 10.1% compared to Betfair SP. Even if waiting 60 minutes, the increase was 3.5%

Here is what we found during our period of odds tracking:


Full details on this odds tracking and how you can make greater profits using bookmakers can be found in SBC Issue 96.

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How To Follow For £1 For 30 Days

In a special new deal, all Secret Betting Club members can now sample the All Weather Profits for 30 days for just £1.

If after those 30 days you enjoy what their service has to offer, you can also save an ongoing 50% discount on the cost of membership for as long as you stay with them. So instead of paying £14.95 per month, you will stump up just £7.47 per month.

Over the course of a full year with All Weather Profits, this would ensure a saving of £89.64 – more than the cost of a Gold Secret Betting Club Membership!

This special saving is ONLY available to you as a Secret Betting Club subscriber as part of the unique ‘Tipster Discounts‘ we negotiate on our members behalf.

Due to the way SBC is funded by member subscriptions – we are able to negotiate these unique deals on our members behalf and pass 100% of the savings onto them. Helping line their pockets, not ours!

Once you have signed-up for your Secret Betting Club subscription, simply visit our members area, click on the ‘Tipster Savings’ link and you will find full details on how to take-up this special discount with All Weather Profits (plus several other major trials and discounts unique to SBC!)

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See you on the inside…

Peter Ling
SBC Editor

“90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”……

“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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Stop Losing With These 5 HIGH Strike-Rate Tipsters


2 small words that strike fear into the heart of many a punter.

Yet for all of us aspiring to make a profit betting, dealing with losing bets is something we must face up to.

After all, the chances are that most bets you place will actually lose.

Coupled with the accepted wisdom that the pain felt from a losing bet is at least twice as strong as the joy gained from a winning bet…It all adds up to a far from pleasant experience.

And in my experience running the Secret Betting Club over the years, not being setup correctly to handle losing runs is one of the major reasons punters fail at betting.

So what should you do to avoid being yet another losing punter statistic?

AND what tipsters should you consider following to make your betting journey that much easier!?


How Risky A Punter Are You?

First, it is about knowing what type of punter you are and how much ‘risk’ you can take from your betting.

Put another way – exactly how much of a rollercoaster ride are you willing to experience when betting?

For example, some punters like to follow tipsters putting up bets at big prices to win. 33/1, 20/1, 16/1 shots etc…

The downside to this kind of strategy comes when you consider the vast majority of such tips are going to lose (sometimes very frustratingly!). Yet when they do win, it all pays off! A 33/1 winner will easily wipe out a 20 tip losing streak and leave you with plenty of profit.

Yet for many punters, especially those of you risk-averse, suffering a run of 20 losers on the bounce is a bit too much to bear. There is nothing wrong with you if you fall into this category – you simply need to choose a different type of tipster.

Instead you should look for a higher-strike rate tipster – one who if not winning more than they lose, will still regularly enough to keeping your losing runs short and manageable.

Yet, understanding the type of tipster you need is one thing, finding them another.

Which is where SBC can help as we currently proof, review and report back on 5 different tipsters all of whom fit this criteria.

Let me showcase who they are and how they can help you.

5 High-Strike Rate Profitable Tipsters To Follow

1. Short Odds Football Tipster (47.5% Strike-Rate)

Featured in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, this specialist football tipster has really impressed us with their consistency and most of all profits.

Since 2010, their winning strategy has hit a 47.5% strike-rate of success by focusing on tips with average odds of 2.43/1. Achieving a 13.6% ROI along the way.

Any losing runs have been short and sharp, making it a perfect option for those of you looking for an easy-to-follow and stable expert.

Best of all if using our recommended Compound Staking approach (as detailed in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide), you can drastically improve your profits by making your money work harder for you.

“£35,310 Profit In 23 Months”……

Following a fantastic start to 2017, so far I am up £35,210 profit in 23 months (since joining the Secret Betting Club) Thanks guys!!! SBC was undoubtedly the biggest single factor in setting me up for success”    Clive Jones. SBC member since 2015

Click here to read more from Clive on his SBC membership experience

2. Short Odds Racing Tipster (34.72% Strike-Rate) 

Some horse racing ‘experts’ will have you believe it’s impossible to make money backing favourites.

We know this is a nonsense due to the success of tipsters like our 2nd expert who has made a habit of profiting from backing horses at short odds (usually 3/1 and below).

Hitting a strike-rate of 34.72% long-term, he has proved his success over the last 3 years by making 112 points profit at a ROI of 11.3% backing at such short odds. All from 993 bets – proving this is no fluke!

Best of all, this equates to Betting Bank Growth of 250% in those 3 years alone. And who said backing favourites can’t be profitable?

3. Asian Handicap Football Tipster (53.52% Strike-Rate)

One very popular style of punting (and not just because it normally hits a high strike-rate) comes in the form of ‘Asian Handicap’ football betting.

It’s not rare to see bookmakers trade to tiny margins such as just 2% in these markets, which opens up the opportunity for shrewd punters to take advantage (If you are not familiar with Asian Handicaps, I urge you to check them out – they are really very easy to follow!)

Our very own in-house SBC Asian Handicap service is called AH Edge and it has thrived this season hitting a very high strike-rate of 53.52%, and at average odds of 2.18/1

From 301 tips this season alone, AH Edge has made a profit of 29 points at a ROI of 9.63% and so is ticking all  the right boxes. Profitable and at a high strike-rate with more than 1 in every 2 bets winning.



4. NBA Tipster (56.9% Strike-Rate)

Another very favourable betting market for punters can be found when betting on US Sports such as NBA (Basketball), where huge sums of money are traded at low margins.

One such NBA Tipster we have tracked for several years now has a tried and trusted strategy for maximising profits from these markets – again working to a high strike-rate.

During the current NBA season, his strategy has hit a 56.9% strike-rate at average odds of 1.94/1 to ensure a profit of 60 points at 9.6% Return on Investment so far.

5. Very Short Odds Football Tipster (79.38% Strike-Rate)

The 5th and final tipster has a very unique betting strategy – focusing in on very short priced favourites predominantly on football.

In 2016 alone, he hit a 79.38% strike-rate of winning bets. Almost 4 out of every 5 tips advised went onto win.

Although his average odds for each tip advised is quite low at around 1.29 – the high strike-rate more than ensured he made a clear profit.

I know some of you might think “Hey, anyone can pick short-priced tips” – the reality is you can’t, because if you could, you would be doing it and making a profit from it.

Best of all, this tipster thrives when it comes to what we term Return on Capital as to our fairly cautious banking suggestions, he would have grown your bank by 72.3% in just 2016 alone.


“A Breath Of Fresh Air”

SBC really is a breath of fresh air, offering totally impartial long-term reviews of services truly acting in the best interests of sports betting punters.
Darren – Betting Gods

Headshot photographer Nottingham

Handling Losing Is A Huge Part Of Winning

The topic of losing is not one many betting sites are willing to discuss, yet for me it’s an essential part of betting day-in, day-out. Far too often how you handle losing can be the difference between success and failure.

If you are following the wrong tipsters, staking the wrong amount or simply not using a sensible betting bank, losing runs can and will bite you on the backside.

If you are interested in the 5 tipsters I list above, all of them bar AH Edge can be found in the regular Tipster Profit Reports we publish on behalf of members. We regularly feedback on their ongoing profit/loss in each Tipster Profit Report to keep you on top of who is in form and who to follow with your money.

Join The Secret Betting Club Right Away (and save up to £35 on the cost of joining)

See you on the inside.

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Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor

“90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”……

“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
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The Top Ten SBC Tipsters: Averaging Between 2.6k & 10.6k Per Annum

A question that I regularly get asked as the Editor of the Secret Betting Club, is just who the best performing and most reliable tipsters actually are?

After all, knowing exactly who you should follow with your own hard earned cash is critical to making money betting.

Well the good news is that my team and I at the Secret Betting Club regularly publish reports on the latest performance levels of an elite list of betting tipsters.

We can this elite list our ‘Hall of Fame’ which is a fully vetted and recommended list of tipsters for you to use. If features those betting experts that have proven themselves to win money for SBC members again and again.

To keep the Hall of Fame relevant, it is regularly updated based on the detailed proofed results records we keep for over 50 tipsters – thus ensuring it’s always fully accurate and up to date.

To help illustrate just how well our Hall of Fame tipsters perform, below you can find the all-time profit figures from the top ten performing services (as taken from our most recent ‘Tipster Profit Report’)


How This Table Can Help You

To explain how the table works, if you had started following Service 1 with a £2000 betting bank, in an average year you would make a profit of £10,679.00.

Even the 10th best service in this list would make a profit of £2,690 in average year – from just a £2000 bank.

What’s more, we are uncovering more and more top tipsters all the time as can also be observed by the new entries at numbers 5, 8 and 10 in the table above.

Now whilst I can’t reveal who is on this top ten list to those of you not yet SBC members (for obvious reasons) it does help to showcase what can be made from following them.

What I can tell you is that it contains a mixture of Horse Racing and Football based tipsters, providing a nice blend of sports for you to bet upon.

I can also reveal that on average, the 22 tipsters that currently make up the Hall of Fame have been active for 71 months. That’s just shy of 6 years – so you know they are proven to work.

These are not your useless ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ tipsters you see elsewhere.

It’s fair to say that these are the tipsters who have proven to be reliable performers and most of all have demonstrated a clear edge over the bookmaker.

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Discover The Best Tipsters As A Secret Betting Club Member

You can discover the identifies of those tipsters recommended by the SBC team (and holding a Hall of Fame entry) with a Secret Betting Club membership.

Alongside ‘tipster league tables’ which outline the latest performance figures, you can also read our original detailed reviews for every tipster we feature.

SBC reviews are renowned for going into huge depth when it comes to scrutinising a tipster – and best of all as we are 100% independent, you can rely on us to tell the truth as to whether a tipster is any good or not (not something all tipster review sites can claim!)

What’s more, we also provide you with new reviews all the time on the best up and coming tipsters that you need to know about – before anyone else!

So if you are interested in betting to make money using tipsters, why not sign-up for your instant Secret Betting Club membership right away!