Why Backing All Home Teams Made 81 Points Profit Last Season

Never mind pre-season friendlies, this weekend sees the return of ‘Proper Football’ with the start of the Championship, League 1 and League 2 seasons (alongside a whole host of others) and with it the hopes and dreams of many a football fan and punter!

Yet, did you know that last season was one of the strangest on record as anyone backing each and every home team in the main UK leagues would have made a fine profit?

It sounds bizarre, but it is true with a profit of 81.7 points at 3.4% ROI if backing all 2416 home teams in the top 4 English Leagues and the SPL last time out.

Check out the full stats below:


This table is based on the results as taken from the football-data.co.uk website, which tracks the best early odds from a panel of 3 bookmakers.

Conversely as you might imagine, this also meant that those of you backing the Draw or the Away side also make a serious loss with 168 and 177 points lost respectively…


Away Team Stats Over The Last 5 Seasons

For many punters, such a statistic is like a dagger to the heart as the biggest priced bets are often found when backing the away team.

The away teams are therefore usually taken as offering the ‘best value’ when considering who to bet upon.

Although when I say best value it’s important to understand I don’t mean ‘most likely to win’ – its vital to separate out a need to pick out a winner, versus taking a value price.

Again the 2016/17 season away bias is neatly reflected by this next graph which showcases the returns if blindly backing all away teams with Pinnacle Sports over the past 5 seasons.

Taking the closing odds (those available just before each game kicks off), you can see how the 2016/17 season compared with a huge loss of nearly 200 points. The previous ‘worst’ season for backing away teams only was the 2014/15 season, which dropped just over 25 points.


What Has Changed For Us Punters?

For punters this kind of seasonal bias can cause all kind of challenges, raising questions such as…

  • Why is it happening?
  • Will this home side bias continue this season?
  • Should you avoid backing all away sides altogether?

Looking at the stats objectively and with an understanding that nothing has changed across the wider football world to give home sides an extra hidden advantage…the logic has to be that this is just a short-term pattern in play.

Short-term might seem a strange term to suggest when looking at 2416 games and a full season, yet we have seen similar patterns before.

A glance at the Pinnacle graph above from the 2012/13 season tells us that backing all away teams blindly made almost a 70 point profit that year…yet since this date such a strategy will have made an overall loss of over 200 points.

One Football Tipster Bucking The Seasonal Trends

Such seasonal trends also impact tipsters, so it takes a particularly talented expert or system to navigate them and still show a profit.

Take for example, one of the top rated football system-based tipsters here at SBC, who despite the home-team bias, still managed to make strong profit with a 17.1% ROI last season.

Due to his strict filters, he was able to filter out several potential (ultimately losing) away bets and end up with such a fine profit. Although his systems advised less bets than usual in an average season, it ensured his members were unaffected by this bias.

His success last season was no fluke either as this system has made a profit in each of the last 5 seasons – averaging a 12.7% ROI across the board.

You can read more about this tipster and several others in the recently released Football Tipster Guide for the 2017/18 season..


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Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor



Can You Win Betting On Football Accas? Free Report Inside

This Tipster Is – Download His Free Report!

If you enjoy betting on football, chances are you have posed the question…Can I make a profit betting on Football Accumulators? (or Accas as they are often termed)

Well the good news is YES you can profit from accas but only if following an expert tipster like Paul Ruffy, who has a proven strategy on how to make them pay.

Through his tipster service, Matchday Profits (which we have proofed extensively), Paul advises you on the best accas to place and with which bookmaker. So far he has made a minimum of 68 points profit at 43% Return on Investment from his accas alone.

Best of all, Paul has prepared a special free report on his successful football accumulator strategy, which he has kindly allowed me to share with you all today…

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  • The best ‘acca’ bookmakers to place your bets with.


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How Not To Be An Acca ‘Mug-Punter’

I am happy to recommend Paul and his Matchday Profits service, having examined it in detail on behalf of SBC members back in August 2016.

I was impressed by his unique and sensible strategy to make a profit betting on football accas, which traditionally have been viewed by bookmakers as a very lucrative market (It attracts what they term ‘mug-punters’).

Paul has turned this on its head as his results below prove (presented both with and without the of ‘acca insurance’)


Acca insurance is an offer many bookies provide whereby if 1 selection in an acca of 5 or more loses, you get your money back or a free bet. It is not essential to place your bets with a bookie offering acca insurance, but it can help increase your profits.

A full review of Matchday Profits, can be found in Part 5 of our Essential Football Compendium.

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Video: How SBC’s 6-Part Football Compendium Can Help You This Season


In his latest video, SBC Editor, Peter Ling discusses how the Secret Betting Club’s amazing 6-part ‘Essential Football Betting Compendium’ can help you during the 2016/17 season.

The Essential Football Betting Compendium will help you whether a total newcomer or experienced campaigner when it comes to profitable football punting!

Check out all 6 parts of the Compendium below:

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The 2 New Football Tipsters With 12% ROI & £2302 Profit…

Part’s 4 & 5 of SBC’s 2016/17 Season Essential Football Betting Compendium have just been released – featuring reviews of 2 more profitable tipsters to check out!

Inside you can find details on the free football tipster with a 12% ROI last season (and how you can follow free in 2016/17) plus the outstanding ‘loophole’ tipster with a fantastic record.

PART 4) TIPSTER REVIEW: Free Football Tipster Guru (12% ROI)


Enjoy this exclusive SBC review of the FREE Football Tipster with a fantastic 12% ROI record across both UK and European competitions during the 2015/16 season.

Read a full interview with the tipster in question plus details on how you can follow for free during the whole of the 2016/17 season

PART 5) TIPSTER REVIEW: Football Loophole Tipster (£2302 Profit)


Check out the amazing Football ‘Loophole’ Tipster, who made a £2302 profit from just £3006 staked in 2015/16.

He utilises bookie specials, accas and shrewd low-risk bets to make some very easy to follow profits.

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What’s In Parts 1, 2, 3 & 6….

Our 2016/17 Essential Football Betting Compendium comes in 6 parts, with Parts 1, 2 & 3 already available and Part 6 due for release later this week.

Here is what is inside Parts 1, 2, 3 & 6:

Part 1: Sports Tipster Report: Discover just who the best sports tipsters are that we track. View tipster league tables & best buy rankings on 25 different experts. AVAILABLE NOW

Part 2: Football Tipster 2016/17 Guide: Read exclusive interviews and analysis on 13 top football tipsters – including those recommended in our Hall of Fame. AVAILABLE NOW

Part 3: Tipster Review 1: An exclusive review of the fantastic Brazilian Football Tipster that we have been tracking for 18 months – during which time he has scooped a 7.5% ROI from more than 750 Asian Handicap bets. AVAILABLE NOW

Part 6: Best Bookmaker Report: Read about the 4 betting exchanges and brokers you need to use – those that offer the best, most competitive odds and lowest commission rates. Includes exclusive interviews, reviews and analysis on each option. AVAILABLE FRIDAY 13TH

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Theory & Practice: How To Make Money Football Betting

Earlier this week we released Part 3 of our Essential Football Betting Compendium – featuring our exclusive review of the Brazilian Football Tipster that has really impressed us after stacking up some serious profits.

Predominantly, this was down to the tremendous performance of his Asian Handicap tips which have made 118 points profit from 757 bets and at a ROI of 7.5%.

Yet as I am at constantly urging readers of these emails to be aware – making a profit in theory and a profit in practice are often two very different things when betting.

After all – how many of you have experience betting in the Brazilian leagues and know exactly which bookmakers price these games up and how their odds stack up?

Not many of you I imagine!

So to gauge more on just how we could put these Brazilian tips profits into practice – we ran some very detailed odds analysis – Allow me to reveal all!

OUT TODAY: Part 4 Of The Essential Football Compendium

Enjoy this exclusive SBC review of the FREE Football Tipster with a fantastic 12% ROI record across both UK and European competitions during the 2015/16 season.

Read a full interview with the tipster in question plus details on how you can follow for free during the whole of the 16/17 season.

(Plus lookout for Part 5 on Monday featuring the amazing Football ‘Loophole’ Tipster, who made £2302 profit from just £3006 staked in 2015/16).

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As standard practice when reviewing a tipster, we initiate some very detailed odds tracking analysis, whereby we observe how the quoted odds a tipster put forward rise or fall.

If for example a tipster is going to settle a bet at 7/1, when you can only get 5/1 – there really is no point in following!

(Something I see time and time again in the racing world these days – be very careful of tipsters quoting big odds the night before racing as often its impossible to obtain them)

SBC Team member, David, is the man in charge of our odds tracking and he spends hours each week monitoring the betting markets and logging the odds for each tipster under our review microscope.

It’s a herculean task but it is a hugely worthwhile one as the results are often invaluable.

As part of the Brazilian tipster review, David tracked the price movements of 277 tips between March and June 2016. He used two bookmaker panels for this exercise; a “UK” panel (consisting of Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, Matchbook, Paddy Power, VCBet, and William Hill), and an “Asian” panel (188bet, Pinnacle, and SBOBet).

The advised odds were recorded and compared to prices available on receipt of email, 60 minutes after receipt, and the closing (kick off) price.

Here is what he found – starting with the UK Bookmaker Panel:

Odds Tracking Results (UK Bookmaker Panel)


For those of you with only access to UK bookmaker accounts – the good news is that the odds available when the tips were received could be beaten by around 0.8% ROI on average. Those of you waiting up to 60 mins or when the odds close would be between 1.3% and 2.5% worse off.

Now moving onto the odds movement from our Asian Bookmaker Panel (best odds from Pinnacle, SBObet or 188bet) – here is what David found:

Odds Tracking Results (Asian Bookmaker Panel)


Once again, the good news was that if placing your bet when it was received would result in a 1% increase in overall ROI – signifying the odds quoted by this tipster were both realistic and beatable.

More positive news came in the form of the odds available after 60 minutes had elapsed, which still showed an increase of 0.4% ROI.

468X60 gif (1)


The upshot of our odds tracking analysis told us a few things:

  • Those getting on as soon as they receive a tip can expect to improve ROI by between 0.8% and 1% ROI.
  • If getting on within an hour, you can expect at worst a 1.3% ROI drop if confined only to UK bookies or at best a 0.4% ROI increase if accessing other ‘Asian’ bookies.
  • The odds do move downwards between 0.9% and 2.5% ROI towards kick-off, indicating a tipster that has a clear edge on the betting market.

So to go back to our original question: Does this tipster make both a practice in theory and in practice?…The answer would have to be a resounding yes.

Of course, the profits you make are dependent upon which bookmakers you utilise. The more bookies and exchanges you hold accounts with, then the greater the odds you can achieve.

In actual fact these days you probably only need a few key accounts for football betting – something we will be covering in-depth in Part 6 of our Essential Football Betting Compendium (out next week!)


You can read our full and detailed independent review of this particular Brazilian football tipster with a Secret Betting Club subscription (which currently you can save £16 on!)

By signing-up you will also gain full access to all 6 parts of our Essential Football Betting Compendium – all you need to make a profit on the beautiful game this 2016/17 season.

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Football Compendium Part 3: 7.5% ROI Brazilian Expert Tipster Review

Parts 3 of SBC’s 2016/17 Season Essential Football Betting Compendium is out now, featuring our exclusive review of a very profitable Brazilian Football Tipster.

We have been tracking this tipsters performance intensively for the past 18 months, during which time he has made a 118-point profit at 7.5% ROI from 757 Asian Handicap tips.

Sign-up now as a Secret Betting Club member to gain instant access to Part 3 (plus Parts 1 & 2 which are out now and 4, 5 & 6 which are due for release soon) of this must-read compendium!

Genuinely Profitable Brazilian Tipping Expertise.

Born and bred in Brazil, the tipster we review in Part 3 employs a team of scouts to help him identify the best value betting tips – in leagues that many bookmakers and punters know very little about.

He uses his expertise to great effect in the high value Asian Handicap markets and perhaps best of all – our tracking indicates that the odds he quotes are realistically achievable.

We observed the odds movement on 277 bets between March and June this year and found that on average you can expect to better the advised odds by between 0.8 and 1% ROI, simply by shopping around and using recommended bookmakers/exchanges.

Making it both a practical and profitable tipping service!


Grab Parts 1, 2 & 3 Now!

You can access our full independent review of this Brazilian Football Expert in Part 3 of our Essential Football Betting Compendium, with Parts 1 and 2 also now available (read more about them here).

Parts 4, 5 & 6 will feature even more professional betting advice and will be released in the next fortnight.

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8 of The Best Experts From The Sports Tipster Profit Report

Earlier this week we released Part 1 of the
2016/17 Essential Football Betting Compendium – our latest Sports Tipster Profit Report, featuring the lowdown on the very best sports tipsters we proof.

In the Profit Report, you can find updated results, rankings and best buy tables for 25 top sports experts – all as tracked by the team here at SBC. The vast majority are football tipsters, with many of them having a track-record of making regular profits for those that follow them in each week.

To help illustrate the potency of the tipsters within the Profit Report, I have picked outjust 8 of the 25 tipsters we track and listed their performance if following at just £10 or £20 per point size advised in the table below….

You can also view some key points such as the number of bets tipped, their ROI and how long they have been tipping (Helping to prove that their record is no flash in the pan).

(Sorry but as the full details of this report is so potent I have had to protect the tipster names and details for SBC members only – hence why they are Tipster A through H below).


At just simple £10 or £20 stakes, each of the 8 tipsters has made a fine profit over several years and thousands of tips.

Take for example ‘Tipster C’ who has maintained a 13.51% ROI and made 795.5 points profit since March 2012. At just £10 stakes, this equates to £7,955.30 profit.

In fact, all 8 tipsters have made a good long-term profit, whether it be to £10 or £20 stakes and all have passed the test of time.

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468X60 gif (1)

468X60 gif (1)

Second Measure of A Good Tipster – Betting Bank Growth

Yet as good as the above table is – it isn’t always the most scientific way of comparing tipsters.

We also like to weigh up tipsters based on what we term ‘Betting Bank Growth’, which is effectively showcasing the tipster providing the biggest return, based on our sensible and realistic betting bank suggestions (something we explain in the 100-page ‘Pro Gambler Blueprint we supply to all new SBC members for free).

We reveal the betting bank growth by comparing each tipster if following from a £2000 starting point, although in the example below we have also included a £1000 starting point to help underline the fact that you don’t need a huge initial amount of money to profit here.


Once again, whichever way you look at this, each of the tipsters has made a tremendous profit and all to sensible betting banks and amounts.

For example, Tipster D has made as much as £11,564 to just a £1,000 starting point – multiplying its starting bank many times over.

Tipster E and H have also made great strides from a £2000 bank, with as much as £13,720 and £12,917 profit generated respectively since they began.

A couple of the tipsters such as F and G are probably best suited to slightly larger betting banks (£3,000 upwards) as they do concentrate on quality not quantity of tips. Yet even they will have made upwards of £4,300 profit from just a £2000 starting point.

All told, to 8 X £1000 starting banks you would be sitting on as much as £41,668.20 if you followed all these racing tipsters – an average of £5,209 per tipster.

There is no betting at silly figures such as £200 per bet or higher, like some tipsters advocate you do. Instead, the approach is about making regular and consistent profits.

Grab Your Copy Of The Sports Tipster Profit Report

As you can imagine this latest Sports Tipster Profit Report is a veritable goldmine of information and if picking up your copy today, you can also find tables dedicated to revealing which tipsters…

  • Have made the largest profit of all-time.
  • Have enjoyed the best past 12 months.
  • Generate the highest Return on Investment.
  • Offer the lowest workload to follow.
  • Are easy to get advised odds with.
  • Make our ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendation list
  • And most importantly…can genuinely make you money betting!

As well as this Sports Tipster Profit Report, by joining the Secret Betting Club today you can also access Part 2 of our Essential Football Compendium: The 2016/17 Season Football Tipster Guide.

Inside this you can read exclusive interviews with 13 of the very best football tipsters on just how they make money betting and their plans for the new season. Alongside this we have an updated review on each football tipster plus our recommendations on which ones to follow.

Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of our Essential Football Compendium are also due for release ahead of the 2016/17 season each of which will be available to you as a Secret Betting Club member.

So sign-up today, take advantage of our 90-day money back guarantee and current £16 discount on all membership offers and see what the fuss is all about!

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Your 2016/17 Season ESSENTIAL Football Betting Compendium


Parts 1 & 2 of SBC’s 2016/17 Season Essential Football Betting Compendium are out now featuring everything you need to know on making a profit betting on the beautiful game!

The new football season starts in just 10 days’ time and our 6-part guide will help you find the best tipsters, systems, bookmakers & exchanges to make it a success for you.










  • The Best All Time Sports Tipster;
  • The Best Sports Tipster Of The Past 12 Months;
  • The Best ‘Betting Bank Growth’ Sports Tipster & several more ‘Tipster Tables’










  • Exclusive Interviews With 13 Top Rated Football Tipsters;
  • Detailed Individual Tipster Ratings;
  • Our ‘Hall of Fame’ New Season Recommendations;

Both Parts 1 and 2 are out now, whilst parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Essential Football Betting Compendium will be released in the next fortnight.

Save £16 on all SBC Subscriptions

What’s Coming In Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6!

Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Essential Football Betting Compendium will be released in the next few weeks and cover all bases. Here is what is inside each:

Part 3: Tipster Review 1: Our exclusive review of the fantastic Brazilian Football Tipster we have been tracking for 18 months – during which time he has scooped a 7.5% ROI from more than 750 Asian Handicap bets.

Part 4: Tipster Review 2: Another exclusive review, this time of the FREE Football Tipster with a fantastic 12% ROI record in the European Leagues – especially in the Correct Score markets. We have a full interview with him plus details on how you can follow for free during the whole of the 16/17 season.

Part 5: Tipster Review 3: Our third and final review hones in on the amazing Football ‘Loophole’ Tipster, who made £2302 profit from just £3006 staked in 2015/16. He utilises bookie specials, accas and shrewd low-risk bets to make easy profits. It’s an ideal service for new SBC members and for those of you looking for something different.

Part 6: Best Bookmaker Report: Read about the betting exchanges and brokers you need to use – those that offer the best, most competitive odds and lowest commission rates. Includes exclusive interviews, reviews and analysis on each option.

Sign-Up Now & Gain Instant Access

The only way to pick up all 6 parts of this unique compendium is with a Secret Betting Club membership.

The instant you join you gain full access to the full SBC service and give yourself the best possible foundations to make this coming season a betting success.

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Read more on how SBC can help you make money betting

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
SBC Editor



6 Step Guide To Betting On Next Manager Markets

It might be an International Football break but there will be no shortage of interest in the Premier League over the next fortnight, thanks to the new managerial vacancies at both Sunderland and Liverpool.

…And for the shrewd gambler, this means only one thing. Potential winnings to be made in the extremely volatile Next Football Manager markets at both clubs.

Likewise for those that are unprepared, these markets can be the ruin of you, so knowing the “who”, “what” and “where” about betting on next managers is key.

So to help you with this, I have put together an updated 6 point guide to help steer you in the right direction for betting on next manager markets.

1) Ignore Bookmaker Hype & Twitter Gambles

New manager markets are renowned for seeing false gambles whereby a sudden move for an outsider can see a rush of money in no time at all. Sometimes these are based on nothing more than a bookmaker slashing the odds on a manager (for no real reason) to kick-start a false gamble.

Twitter also has its part to play, with unsubstantiated rumours spreading like wildfire. As the next point proves, often many of these gambles are without foundation and catch many unwitting punters out…

2) Lay ‘hot-shot’ favourites at short-prices

When David Moyes confirmed he was leaving Everton, in the first 2 weeks after he announced his departure, over £630,000 was traded in the next manager market for the role at Goodison on Betfair. It was safe to say that nobody had a clue about the next appointment and numerous candidates during this period all traded at very short prices.

In fact, the following 8 managers all traded at 4.00 and under in this first fortnight at one point or another…

  • Roberto Martinez. Traded as low as 1.93
  • Neil Lennon. Traded as low as 2.00
  • Gus Poyet. Traded as low as 2.02
  • Vitor Pereira. Traded as low as 3.10
  • Eddie Howe. Traded as low as 3.10
  • Malky Mackay. Traded as low as 3.80
  • Alan Stubbs. Traded as low as 3.95
  • Phil Neville. Traded as low as 4.00

A simple policy of laying everyone under this marker 4.0 (3/1) would of reaped major dividends in this market. All of the candidates above also traded at much bigger prices so there is plenty of opportunity to trade them out at a later date to lock in profit too.

The eventual winner, Roberto Martinez traded at the lowest price during this period but even with the loss on him, you still would have collected on 7 of the others under 3/1.

3) Always, always check Betfair!

Betfair without question always has much better odds than many of the more traditional bookmakers and you should always check their odds first before placing a bet.

The differences can be vast too as the current next Sunderland manager market is proving. At the time of writing, some bookies such as Bet Victor are offering puny odds of 11/10 (2.1) on the favourite Sam Allardyce, who is available as big as 2.90 on Betfair. In fact the best bookie price across the board on Big Sam is 6/4, so there is greater value by using the exchange here compared to the best bookmaker.

This is often replicated across numerous candidates in almost all next manager markets. Always, always check Betfair first!

4) Play the long game

The very best manager markets are those where a decision on who the next boss is might take some time to become apparent (up to a couple of months). This allows the opportunity for plenty of different favourites to appear, with rumours and counter-rumours ensuring an ever-changing market, which is ideal for trading.

Of course it’s impossible to know for certain, exactly when a manager market will be a drawn out affair, but it helps to read between the lines. The board at Man Utd knew exactly when they would be replacing their manager but some hot-head chairman who fire their manager on a whim, often don’t have a clue where to start. These are the markets that can be lucrative.

5) Don’t Trust What Managers Say

It can also pay to not believe everything that managers say when it comes to these markets. After all it was only 3 days before he announced his retirement that Fergie wrote in his programme notes how much he was looking forward to the future managing Man Utd!

A classic example of this came back in 2005 when Harry Redknapp controversially switched from Southampton to arch-rivals Portsmouth and stung countless punters on Betfair. So much so that Betfair even discussed their concern over the amount of money backing him, a point backed up by the Saints chairman who stated his belief it was outside the rules of the game and required investigation.

Many managers also use the fact they are linked with these markets as negotiating tactics to get better contracts or to apply pressure on their current board to get what they want. How often do you see an up and coming manager refuse to rule out leaving to a club with a vacancy, only to then sign a ‘new improved’ contract to stay put a few days later? Too often!

6) Be Careful On Markets Where The Manager Hasn’t Gone Yet!

Finally, I would always advise being very cautious if betting in markets where the current manager is still in situ. After all it when the Next Man Utd manager was settled, some people had been waiting over a decade for their bet to come in!

This can also apply to those managers who are in danger of getting the sack. It doesn’t always transpire that they will be fired and if they do stay in a job, you could be left with a bet going nowhere and on a candidate who in a few weeks time may no longer be suitable.

The likes of Martin O’Neill (2.0), Pepe Guardiola (2.6), Carlos Queiroz (3.1), Sven Goran-Eriksson (4.0), Roy Keane (4.0) all traded at extremely short prices for the Man Utd job during the 11 years the market was active. You wouldn’t have fancied your chances with any of these when Fergie said he was leaving!

Mind you, with the average tenure of a Premier League manager now less than a year, this may become less of a problem!

Football Compendium Guide

More Expert Football Advice On Hand

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6 Steps To Football Betting Profits

To help you with your punting this football season, I have put together an easy to follow guide featuring 6 simple steps to achieving BETTER football betting profits.

Each of the 6 steps is based on advice supplied by the football experts interviewed in our recently released Essential Football Betting Compendium – the same experts with proven track records beating the bookies. Suffice to say, they know what they are talking about!

It is by no means a definitive guide (you will need the Compendium for that!) but its full of salient and logical advice that will keep you on the profit straight and narrow this season.

Football Compendium Guide


Allow yourself a disciplined betting bank, follow the staking advice, and keep faith through the good and the bad patches” – Phil Brown, Football Bets

It is absolutely vital to always make sure that you have set up a proper, standalone betting bank containing the funds you need for your betting.  Do not mix this with the money you need to pay bills or for day to day living.  The secret to successful betting is discipline, and doing this will set you on the right path from the moment you place your very first bet of the new season.

Not only that, but there will be periods of the season when you’ll hit a few losers. Perhaps more than a few at times. It’s vital you see those bad streaks out, so make sure you sort out that betting bank, and keep the faith in those you’ve chosen to follow.  Remember, all our recommended tipsters have proven themselves over the long term and come with betting bank suggestions to help you absorb the bad runs when they come (and not go overboard during the good runs!)


“There are always going to be certain types of teams in certain types of situations that are almost always going to be underbet by the masses and hence a value price. That is my general philosophy to betting in these leagues – I am the proverbial “suncream in winter” buyer!” – Matt Love, Football Elite

Winning bettors don’t look for winners.  They look for value.  It is value that provides your profit.  Sure, backing Man United at home against the bottom team will give you a winner more likely than not, but do this every week at the wrong prices, and you’ll lose money.

This might mean you have to go against the crowd and place a bet no-one else seems to be – yet often that might just be what makes you successful.


“If you’re following a tipster, stick with it for the full season. Trying to switch it all around due to temporary losing streaks won’t lead to better results.” – Mike, Football Value

There is such a temptation to ditch a tipster when they go through a losing streak.  Don’t.  Form is temporary and class permanent.  And you need to remember this and not fall into this very common trap.

This is why the tipsters we recommend are proven, long-term winners and we don’t react to shorter periods of bad form.  When a losing run hits, you will be comforted by the fact you can look at the service’s excellent results over many years betting.  You will see they have experienced and worked their way through similar bad patches in the past and that they know what they are doing.

So when you’ve settled on a tipster, make sure you give him the time to make you money.  Stick with him, and reap the rewards.

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“…diversification is key and will always remain key if trying to make a profit long-term at this game… Spread the risk across different leagues and different systems/tipsters” –Graeme Dand, The Football Analyst

A golden rule of betting is to never put all of your precious eggs into just the one basket.  Put yourself into a situation where if a tipster specialising in one field is struggling, then a tipster specialising in another can balance things out.

Of course that is all very well, but surely finding one great tipster is difficult enough, never mind identifying a number of them!?!

Well, it’s not difficult if you know where to look.  We currently have 15 football tipsters that we have proofed, analysed, reviewed and monitored.  These include ratings-based tipsters, and tipsters who specialise in one of Italian, Spanish, South American, Scottish, and UK Non-League football, amongst others.  So spread the risk and boost your profits.


“..get the best possible price for your wager using [an] odds comparison service…” – Ross Casey, Easyodds

Don’t take odds of 11/10 against your fancy when you can get 5/4.  It may be small margins, but over a season, these differences will add up and make a big difference to your bottom line.

There are many odds comparison sites out there, and it is a simple task to open accounts with different bookmakers and betting exchanges.  Don’t be loyal to a bookie just because its easy – it might cost you! Shop around and play the market for the best odds.

Plus, as an SBC member, we have special offers with the likes of Smarkets (unique low 1% commission deal) and several reviews of various Bet Brokers who can help you get better odds. Every little helps…


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