6 Tips For Following Racing Tipsters On Betting Exchanges

It is common knowledge these days that if making money betting on horse racing, you will at some point encounter difficulty with either your stakes being restricted or your bookmaker account being closed.

There is hope that this may change in the future with the discussions surrounding a minimum bet law, which are certainly gaining traction in 2018.

Yet until such a time as bookies either agree or are compelled to lay all punters a decent bet, one of the most popular places to bet without issue are the betting exchanges.

So, to help you understand more on how to maximise this, I have put together this updated guide featuring 6 tips for following racing tipsters on betting exchanges…


As an exchange-only racing punter, it’s important to understand that the vast majority of money only starts to flow into most racing markets approximately 10 to 15 minutes before the off.

(I say most as there are some obvious exceptions such as at Cheltenham or other big race meetings, which will see larger sums traded earlier)

To showcase this, compare the amount of money traded on Betfair for each of these 5 races that took place on a pretty standard Monday afternoon’s racing.

I simply noted down the amount of money traded at 3 time points: 21 minutes, 11 minutes and 1 minute before the off for each of the 5 races, which you can see below:


Without exception, the most trading took place in the 11 minutes before each race started.

Take the 4.30pm race as one example – at 4.19pm, there was £60,925 traded yet come 4.29pm, this had jumped to £495,057.

Within 10 minutes an extra £434,132 had been traded – 87% of the entire market!

The knock-on effect of this is two-fold.

Firstly, it’s an understanding that most of the trading takes place during this time and when your exchange bet is most likely to be matched.

Secondly, it’s the knowledge that prior to the final 10 minutes, it is harder to get your racing bet accepted, especially if it’s based on advice coming from a popular tipster.

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One of the simplest angles to make a profit on the exchanges is by following tipsters that make a profit at Betfair SP (after commission of course!).

They offer the easiest, most simple approach as once a tip comes in – you simply place the bet, stick in your stake at Betfair and walk away.

Although the number of profitable Betfair SP tipsters is growing, it’s a fairly small pool to choose from currently.

One profitable Betfair SP tipster I rate highly is the free ‘place laying’ tipster providing their advice for free to SBC members currently. The tipster is called ‘The Accountant’.

Simply put, he recommends you lay their horses NOT to finish in the place money in any given race. That is not to finish in the first 2, 3 or 4 of a race depending on the number of runners.

Over the course of more than 800 lays and risking no more than 3% of your betting bank on any advised price lay, this tipster has grown a bank of £1000 to in excess of £2,500.

This is after 5% Betfair commission has been deducted from each profitable lay.

Providing one simple angle for those of you after a simple exchange tipster for you to follow.


One of the most fundamentally important points to consider when betting is that of obtaining value.

All successful punting is based on the concept of value betting and the idea that the odds for any particular bet are priced in your favour.

Therefore, the odds you take on a bet really matter.

If you can get 5/1 on a horse that should be 4/1, then you have a strong value bet.

Yet if the same tipped up horse at 4/1 is only available at 3/1 – the opposite applies.

If you constantly are taking too short a price on a horse, you will lose money.

Which is why it’s important to ONLY bet if the value is still there.

Many good tipsters recognise this and put up minimum value odds to make you aware of where the value cut-off point actually lies. They recognise that a tip might see market support and if it does, you know where to draw the line.

If restricted to exchange betting, look out for this and stick to the minimum value thresholds – they are there for a reason and they will guide you as to the prices to take.

And whatever you do – never place a bet if the value has gone.

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Mindful of the need to take a value price, if exchange betting you must accept that sometimes you will miss out on a bet if the odds are too low.

Yet on the flipside, you might also get BETTER odds on other bets when the odds drift.

Whilst on occasions, you might miss out on a winning bet because you can’t get the right odds, on other occasions you will enjoy a bigger payout through this strategy.

If and when this happens, remember the logic behind it all and try to be as phlegmatic as possible.

All gamblers HATE missing out on winning bets, especially if they feel they should have been on it, yet they very rarely remember the times they missed out on a bet that lost.

My suggestion here is to consider keeping a record of each occasion you miss out on a bet (both winners and losers) or get a greater value price than you might have originally. Through this, you can track the ups and downs and see at a glance exactly how you have fared overall.


Flowing on from this last point – don’t also get too bogged down by the idea that a ‘drifter’ (a horse whose odds get bigger as the race draws nearer) is no longer worth backing.

Racing pundits like to bang on about horses being weak or friendless in a market, yet the reality is they have no idea if this market move is significant or not. They are often just filling airtime.

If market support was so telling – everyone would simply lump on a horse at the first sign of it being backed in. Market support is no guarantee a horse is a ‘good thing’.

Unless there is clear evidence a horse has something wrong with it before a race, don’t be unperturbed by backing a ‘drifting’ bet.

Look at it instead as a chance to get better value. If you can get 10/1 about a tip advised as value at 6/1 earlier in the day – take it!

After all, unless the horse in question has a major problem – if a tipster you trust said that 6/1 is a value price, then 10/1 will represent a massive increase.

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If you can’t get on a bet earlier in the day at a value price, you might also like to consider putting in a request to get matched on the exchanges later on that day.

There are two ways you can do this – requesting a price pre-race and also in-play.

Pre-race betting is easy – you set the odds you want to take and put the request into the market to hopefully be matched. If come the start of the race it isn’t matched, the bet is cancelled.

Putting a bet in the in-play market is different as it ensures the bet will also remain available throughout the race as it takes place.

When doing this, it’s important to be aware that you will ALWAYS be matched in-play on any bet that loses the race BUT there is no guarantee you will be matched on a winner.

Therefore, you do have to approach in-play betting with caution and it is best when used in conjunction with watching a race live and an understanding of racing in general.

You also might only want to leave a bet to be matched in-play, when the odds pre-race are very close to those you wish to take OR perhaps risking only half stakes.

Equally if you have a good knowledge of racing, you might want to make judgements based on the competitiveness of each race, the merits of each horse (does it prefer setting the pace or being a backmarker) and the distance run.


I do hope over the course of this article, I have helped provide some answers to questions you might have about betting on the exchanges.

Here at the Secret Betting Club we have a burgeoning members section devoted to exchange-only betting.

Within this exchange section you can read our detailed reviews and analysis of a handful of profitable betting exchange-friendly tipsters.

Ideal for those of you either unable to bet with bookmakers or simply looking to bet on the exchanges as much as possible.

So, if you are you looking for a solution to help you turn a profit using the betting exchanges (or indeed the Asian football betting markets), you might like to consider a Secret Betting Club membership.

Join The Secret Betting Club.

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Everything You Need To Know About Automating Your Betting

The latest Secret Betting Club magazine (Issue 105 – released on the 10th May) is an automated betting special, focusing in 2 tipsters with betting bots that can place your bets for you.

Following the release of this special issue, several of you were in touch to ask more about automated betting, how it works and how betting bots can help you as a profitable punter.

So many that I thought it wise to provide a bit more information on automated betting and bots to help explain more in an easy to understand way.

Here then is a brief Q & A with everything you need to know about the topic…

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What is automated betting?

Automated betting is very simply the act of using ‘betting bots’ to place your bets for you.

And as you might imagine, our interest at SBC lies with those betting tipsters that you can follow on this automated basis. Tipsters that work with betting bots.

As it’s a growing area, there are now a number of tipster services available to follow with bots. You simply purchase access to the tipster and they grant you the ability to follow them ‘automated’ either through their own in-house or 3rd party bots.

It’s all done with permission of the tipster and bookmaker and is a legitimate option for punters these days.

Why are punters using betting bots? What are the advantages of them?

Well the most obvious reason is that it saves time – especially for those tipsters who might not advise bets during specific time windows or those who send over a large number of tips. Perhaps too many bets for you to realistically place.

The other advantage is that you can program your bot to only place bets under certain conditions – usually in relation to the odds.

For example – if you need to take odds of 1.75 on a bet, your betting bot can be instructed to keep checking the market to ensure that if at any point odds of 1.75 are available, your bet is matched.

Saving you the need to check the market constantly and observe the odds.

Tell me about the tipsters you have reviewed in SBC 105 and the bots you can use with them?

In SBC 105 we investigated 2 tipsters available to follow with 2 different betting bots.

Tipster 1 uses an external betting bot called Smartbet, which subscribers to Tipster 1 can follow for a small fee (they charge 0.25% of your stake)

Smartbet allows you to easily follow many different tipsters and it’s a very advanced bot which can scrape the emails a tipster sends you, pick out the tips and place them for you. We have tested Smartbet extensively as part of the reviews in SBC 105.

Tipster 2 is a little different in that the service itself provides their own in-house bot to follow the tips provided.

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How easy is it to do and setup?

Smartbet is a little bit more involved as it’s a program you need to download and ensure is running at all times.

Therefore, its recommended you use it in conjunction with a virtual PC – something Smartbet provide easy instructions on setting up. It’s not particularly complex and you just need to follow some straight-forward guides to get it working. Once it is setup that’s it, you don’t have to do anything other than monitor it and the bets being placed to see how you are performing.

The other in-house bot (from Tipster 2) is even simpler. You just enter your details including bookmaker account (all securely accessed by the tipster) and the bot is all setup. This takes just a few minutes and is astonishingly easy to do.

Can you customise how the bots work – for example the staking and odds?

Yes, this is the other appealing reason for using bots – customisation.

This includes the staking you wish to use, which you can adjust at anytime to suit your needs. It can be £2, £10, £100 or more.

The other appealing thing about these bots is that it lets you request how ‘close’ to the advised odds you are happy to take. This is especially important if a market moves before your bet gets matched.

For example, a ‘click’ difference of 10 would mean that if a bet is advised at 2.00, you are willing to take 1.90 (a 10 click difference).

You can customise what the click difference is as per your preferences.

Best of all both bots provide records of bets placed, which you can export or view to keep updated on your progress.

How much does it cost?

The costs for both bots are relatively low.

Smartbet charges you 0.25% of your stake to use, although as an SBC member you can benefit from 20 Euros credit once you open up a Smartbet account. Some tipsters charge an additional 0.25% stake to make up a total of 0.5% as a cost. Therefore, for every £100 you stake, there is a 50p charge.

If using the in-house tipster bot, they charge a simple 0.5% of your stake on each bet as a cost.

As part of our reviews in SBC105, we evaluated both tipsters and their profitability AFTER these costs were taken into account. Both remain viable solutions after costs.

What bookies can you place automatic bets with?

Both tipsters featured in SBC 105 only offer automated bet placement through access to Pinnacle Sports. Therefore, you need an account with them to use the automated options.

For those of you without access to Pinnacle, the good news is that we plan to review another automated tipster ahead of the 2018/19 football season, which uses Bet365.

No doubt as more and more bookies open up their API’s (which allows bots and the like to use them on an automated basis) we will see even more options in the future.

Can you follow the tipsters reviewed in SBC 105 without the automated option?

Yes, you can – this was an important element of both of these tipster reviews, that those of you who prefer or are unable to follow automated, can do so on a manual bet placement.

Do bookies not have a problem with automated betting?

No – most of them actively welcome automated betting options as it helps to increase their turnover and make their markets more efficient.

The only major exception to this is horse racing – there are no automated bet options for tipsters in this market, simply because it would be unfeasible given the way racing currently bookies work.

How you can find out more…

I do hope the above Q & A has helped to address some of the most common questions you might have on automated betting.

It’s nothing to be scared of and doesn’t require a technological genius to get working. These days all you need do is follow some simple instructions, click a few buttons and you can be up and running in no time.

You can read some detailed insight into 2 tipsters you can follow on an automated basis PLUS the bots that work with in SBC 105.

You can access this issue and the entire back catalogue of SBC MagazinesTipster Profits ReportsBest Tipster Guides & How I Make Money Betting Interviews the instant you join the Secret Betting Club.

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Best regards,

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor

Automate your betting profits: The tipsters with ‘bots’ that place bets for you

The Latest SBC Magazine (Issue 105) is out now and is an automated betting profits special,exploring both the tipsters and the bot technology that can help place bets for you.

Inside you can read reviews of 2 different tipsters with separate automatic bot options, how they work and the profits being made. You can also read a 3rd review focusing in a free racing expert with a 36% ROI tipping exclusively on Saturday’s big races.

Sign-up now to gain instant access to SBC 105 or read on for more details…

SBC 105 Cover

Inside The Latest SBC Magazine

Here is a brief rundown of what you can find in SBC 105:

  • Reviewed: 2 Winning Tipsters With Manual & Automatic Bet Placement Options
    Through SBC 105, we explore in great detail 2 different, profitable sporting tipsters and how you can follow them both manually or by using automated bot solutions.Firstly, we examine both of the tipsters and their overall performance levels over the years in their respective sporting markets.Tipster 1 has made a 112 point profit at 7.9% ROI from over 1400 bets since 2015 working to a high-strike rate betting approach (55.9% of all bets have won)

    Tipster 2 has made a 458 point profit at 6.2% ROI from over 3600 bets since 2014 from his equally high strike-rate method (54.3% of all bets have won)

  • Examined: Betting Bot Technology & How It Works
    To explore the growing trend of automatic bet placement, for both of the tipsters above, we explore the 2 different bot options available to subscribers of either service.This includes analysis of how they work, how to set it up, their costs (which in both cases are feasible) and just how the bets placed by the bots compare to those advised.Providing everything you need to know to get started with either of these betting bots and to automate your betting profits.
  • 3rd Review: The Free Racing Tipster With A 36% ROI
    Our third and final review focuses on a traditional racing tipster who have provided all their advice for free since 2014, during which time they have accrued an enviable record.Hitting a 36% ROI from free tips that run in the big Saturday feature handicap races only – its a ideal option for those of you on a budget!

How To Get Your Copy (& The Entire Back Catalogue)

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Best regards,

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor

Black Type: An important update on this popular bookmaker and their £500 lay guarantee

Back in November 2016, SBC penned a report on a new bookmaker on the scene, Black Type and in today’s email I have an important update to share on their service as a follow-up to that.

Black Type began life back in August 2016, and immediately drew lots of interest with many intrigued by their straight talking and guarantee to lay all punters to lose up to £500 on any bet, even if they were regular winners.

To discover more, I interviewed Black Type and published this alongside SBC’s investigation into the odds they offered in a special Black Type report in November 2016

Since that original report, several things have changed in terms of Black Type’s approach and I thought it prudent to update you all on the current situation to bring you up to speed.

Some subtle and indeed some less-subtle changes have raised a few concerns and whilst for my money, they still represent a better option that many of their competitors, I felt it was important to clarify exactly what is on offer from Black Type these days as I understand it.

To Black Type’s credit as well, they have also replied to the points raised through this article, details of which can be found further on.

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Black Type’s Initial £500 Lay Guarantee

The main headline grabber for Black Type upon launch from SBC’s perspective, was their guarantee to lay all punters up to £500 to win, including their acceptance of bets from winning punters.

This was the kind of offer many of us had long hoped to see and Black Type seemed a welcome addition to the bookmaking ranks.

It was made clear through the interview that this £500 guarantee was open to all aside from obvious arbers or those using bots or automated methods to scrape a few quid ‘gaming’ the system. Those abusing it in this way would be spotted and banned, whilst those trying to get genuine bets on would be accommodated, even if winners.

Black Type backed their traders to ultimately use their skill to build a book and make a profit as they made clear in the original interview:

“With more and more punters wanting to take our prices, punters need to be quick and our traders need to be agile to manage our liabilities effectively by ‘old school bookmaking’. If we take a bet from a winning punter we are confident our traders will use the ‘mark’ to position themselves in the market where they will take money on other selections and build a book.We are backing our traders to set the correct odds for the right events that will attract punters through the door and effectively betting that they’ll still make a decent profit margin at the end of the month.“


Perhaps best of all was their statement inviting those punters trying following popular tipsters to try getting on. Here is what they told me in the original 2016 interview:

“Punters who like to follow a certain tipster, like Hugh Taylor, Pricewise or those the Secret Betting Club recommends will not be penalized. They just have to accept that others will be after ‘popular prices’ too so they will need to be quick to get the best prices and also be prepared to take a lower price if they miss out. Unlike other bookmakers, their potential winnings on tipster selections will not be restricted. Our bet to win guarantees will still apply and they will still be able to have a bet to win at least £500.”


What Has Changed Since Then

As you can imagine these statements were welcomed by many operating at the sharp end of the betting market as Black Type looked to carve out their niche in the competitive bookmaking world.

In more recent times though, it’s become clear that there have been some notable changes to these original policies, which this article is intended to address.

The first and most obvious change is the removal of the guarantee to lay to lose £500 on any bet. This is no longer listed on the Black Type website and has quietly been dropped.

I have also had communication with around a dozen or so punters, some SBC members, some not, who have experienced issues with their Black Type accounts, including that of stake restrictions.

Some punters have had all promotional offers removed from their accounts, whilst others were told that their following of popular tipping lines would not be accommodated and restrictions in the region of max winnings of £50 to £100 or £200 applied. Still they were able to get on, yet clearly this went against the original statements on the guarantee.

Almost all contacting me complained about the customer service replies they received as well – a situation that frustrated them further.

Here are a few of the comments received that illustrate some of the problems these punters have had:

“I had a 13/2 winner on Saturday for £30 each way, which had an SP of 10/1 SP. I tried to put £30 ew on yesterday and they limited me to £12.37. I’ve not even won any money from them”


“In their 2016 interview, they [Black Type] stated they wouldn’t restrict anyone was who playing fair. And in their terms and conditions they said they’d give people warning etc.

Without warning, they restricted me to pennies. They said that I did too much Hugh Taylor – I also did a couple of other paid-for tipsters too, and some of my own Scottish football bets.

I was polite but stated they quite clearly said it was fine to bet tipsters in their interview with you – they actually explicitly mentioned Hugh Taylor themselves and said people were welcome to try him. I said they had to review this as they were telling media one thing then doing the opposite to their customers. They eventually agreed to let me bet-to-win £100 (rather than £500), or £200 on popular races.


I contacted Black Type earlier as I have noticed a few of my bets not getting matched recently.

They responded by informing me that my account has now been restricted to £250 for horse racing. I obviously replied reminding them of their own marketing message of ‘never restricting winning accounts’ to which they replied that they thought £250 was still fair!”


After being restricted to £28 on a 7/4 bet I was told that:

Your continuing plays on tipping lines will not be tolerated. We are here to offer a fair service and not to appease punters who are looking to exploit the service to their own gain, by consistently following in tipping lines.”


“They’d lay me to lose very small amounts but while knocking back my bets they would cut the price. I’m a member of a good tipster service, but would never put the full amount advised on with just one bookie.

It was very surprising and disappointing as I remember reading that they wouldn’t restrict anyone and that the onus was on their traders to get the odds right”

Black Type’s Response

When the first of these messages started to come through late in 2017, I approached Black Type to ask if they could help address these queries and clarify what their position now was.

At this point they agreed to a detailed, updated interview, which would tackle some of these questions on restrictions, their lay guarantee and so on, in an effort to get the latest from them.

Sadly, despite numerous attempts and slipped deadlines, I was unable to get the promised detailed replies to these questions. Whether this was down to a lack of time or appetite to tackle this issue, it’s hard to say but I felt 6 months was long enough to wait for some definitive answers. It was high time for an update on this topic.

Hence why I put together this article and in the interests of fairness, I shared it in advance of publication with Black Type to see if they wished to post a reply.

To their credit they did and shared the following statement with me from their Head of Media and Communication, David Preece:

“Black Type was launched in late August 2016 to service a clear gap in the UK market with an odds focussed and customer friendly approach. Black Type’s goal was to prove that it was possible to build a brand by investing in a bespoke price driven strategy without the expensive and one off marketing campaigns employed by the majority of existing and new market entrants, a lot of whom are now, more so than ever, over reliant on commoditized price feeds and managed services.

Black Type’s ethos remains to offer good prices, fair limits and varied betting opportunities to customers via an easy to use interface. Black Type currently provides horse racing, greyhounds, football and sports (pre-match and in-play) casino and virtual betting via website, mobile / tablet and a native IOS and a soon to be launched Android app to UK customers only.

When Black Type launched there was a misconception that we were a niche horse racing brand but it was always the intention to develop a full sportsbook which adopted the same principles to the racing of offering Black Type (‘stand out’) prices. Anyone who has observed our prices on Oddschecker over the past year across a variety of sports including football, cricket, snooker, darts and boxing will see we have been true to our word, regularly betting to far more competitive margins than industry standard.

With a growing customer base of regular, satisfied customers 2017-18 has proven to be a transformational year for Black Type as we have moved out of the ‘start-up phase’ and recently completed a round of investment to allow us to consolidate our position as the UK’s leading price focussed bookmaker.

Black Type attracted a lot of attention for initially offering a ‘bet to win’ guarantees but like any business we have evolved over time. The main brand message is now all about Black Type always offering value which will be actively promoting this summer on social media and via sponsorship of Ripon racecourse for the 2018 season. The bet to win guarantee was in place for well over a year and many of our customers, including ‘winning accounts’ still enjoy this concession and are laid bets to win far in excess of the £500. Indeed, we would be confident that Black Type compare very favourably within the industry when it comes to laying bets in size.

Yes, some customers did have the concession removed and have restrictions placed on their account which was largely down to the nature of their betting patterns and attempts to ‘exploit the system’. In the vast majority of cases they were contacted by members of our trading team who observe bets in ‘real time’ and advised that their account was under scrutiny and should they choose to offer more genuine business they would not have restrictions imposed. At other bookmakers, accounts would have been automatically closed or severely restricted without any communication and as you can see from some of the responses you have quoted, we do still try to allow customers to get what we deem a fair bet.

Our stance on ‘arbers’ was clear from the outset and those who exclusively use the exchanges to pick their bets can not really complain if they are not laid bets to the same size as someone who makes independent selections. It is a similar story with those who exclusively follow tipsters or look to take advantage of promotional offers. Their patterns are obvious and it very apparent they have no intention of providing genuine business.

Again, followers of tipsters were contacted by our team and advised how they could operate their accounts to fair limits. It really is a case of if the customer ‘plays fair with us we will be fair with them’ and consequently those who decided that a Black Type account was worth having are still able to follow tipsters like Hugh Taylor and Pricewise alongside backing the selections they have picked themselves.

To conclude and clarify Black Type’s business model is more like an ‘old school’ bookmaker and we are committed to offering market leading prices, wherever it is feasible, and laying a bet on high profile events to differentiate from industry standard pricing and over restrictive customer management. Black Type regularly reward loyal customers and have successfully introduced a Free Bet Club, and other promotions including Acca Cash Bonus, over the past 12 months where customers earn weekly free bets and bonuses.

The World Cup will headline a great summer of sport supported by the major racing festivals at Epsom, Royal Ascot, Newmarket, Glorious Goodwood and York so customers wanting to enjoy a premium service, where they will consistently get the best prices on front end market selections, are more than welcome to judge Black Type on their own individual experiences and are reminded Black Type will always be synonymous with value.”

What Their Reply Tells Us

So, there we have it – confirmation as to what has changed at Black Type and the latest on their policies as per winning accounts and what might happen to those of you who follow tipsters. The lay guarantee has been removed as part of the evolution of their business.

It’s certainly useful to have this update and my thanks to go to Black Type for being fair-minded enough to provide a reply and to tackle what are difficult questions for a bookmaker. Most firms wouldn’t even acknowledge such questions on this topic, let alone reply to them in detail so a lot of credit is due their way for caring enough to respond.

Whilst SBC doesn’t advocate arbing or matched betting abuse (nor following tipsters with ridiculous odds movement like Hugh Taylor or Pricewise) so understand the Black Type stance here – one point I would question is the usage of the term ‘genuine business’ and what exactly this means for those following ‘other’ less well known tipsters or strategies.

If you are following a tipster as part of your betting strategy, or choosing to bet with Black Type because they are offering the best odds in a specific market, does this somehow make your business less genuine?

After all, should a bookmaker adopting such an ‘old school’ trading method not simply adjust their books and liabilities based on inputs like this from shrewd accounts?

Perhaps this is too simplistic a view in today’s complex bookmaking world but its one many punters will have.

I don’t like the term ‘genuine business’ as it’s regularly used by other bookies as a way of describing punters that don’t win money (and conversely winning punters are termed ‘non genuine business’) and whilst Black Type do regularly accept bets from winning accounts, it does leave a bit of a grey area as to what exactly will be determined ‘genuine business’ or otherwise.

Certainly, those of you following certain tipsters or strategies that might see you backing well supported horses, should be aware of the possible issues at play here. You could have your stakes limited and/or concessions removed, although admittedly the number of customers complaining to me about this is a small minority thus far.

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In Summary – Still Recommended But Be Mindful Of These Issues

Whilst a fair bit has changed since the first interview, for my money, Black Type are still much better than most, if not all other ‘major’ bookmakers – the likes you will find offering odds to customers via sites like Oddschecker.

Yes, there have been around a dozen or so issues that have been raised directly with me over time, and these do need addressing.

They however, do need putting in context to the number of punters using their service, the majority it seems have no known, major issues.

The restrictions imposed have reduced the amount that can be won to sums like £50 or £100 (so they can still get on if they wish) and unlike other bookies, they have not to my knowledge closed accounts.

Share Your Comments

As I wrap up this update, it’s important to note that SBC has no link or financial interest with Black Type – this article is solely to update you on the changes with this bookie since our first feature on them.

As ever my goal is simply to help educate and provide informed facts on all bookmakers and exchanges with the central goal of helping you make money betting.

Whilst I appreciate the difficult job bookmakers face, my interest lies not with them but with you the punter and SBC will always put your needs first.

Therefore, I hope this article has helped to bring you all up to speed on the latest as per their offering as an update to the original November 2016 SBC Black Type report.

If you have any comments you wish to raise with me on Black Type (good or bad), please do feel free to contact me via pete@secretbettingclub.com with them.

For those of you after more on bookmakers, I do also recommend the Top 100 Bookies website which ranks them based on ratings received. Although it doesn’t at this time include Black Type, you can see the best and worst firms to consider betting with and its a useful resource.

Best regards

Peter Ling
Secret Betting Club Editor

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…And with a huge amount of content released in the last few months alone, below I have compiled just a few of the recent highlights and how they can help you.

SBC Magazine #104 features reviews of 2 new profitable, betting exchange-friendly tipsters.

It includes the uniquely profitable Tennis System with a 5-year winning track record AND the favourite-backing Racing Tipster with 140% bank growth. Both tipsters are ideal for following on betting exchanges – ideal for those of you unable to bet with bookies.

You can also read our special guide to betting on tennis where we explain you need to know from the bookies to use, tournament & betting market structure, type of bets & much more besides.

SBC 104 Cover

SBC 103 / Profitable Boxing & Racing Tipsters Reviewed

SBC Magazine #103 features 2 more profitable tipster reviews including our first ever look at a profitable boxing tipster with a heavyweight record at the bookies.

With a track record of 14.4% ROI over 5 years, this expert continues to stack up the profits. Best of all – he costs just £10 a month to follow in.

You can also delve into our exclusive review of the racing tipster with a significant edge over the bookies. Having generated well over 500 points profit and 434% Betting Bank growth since 2015, we put them under the SBC review microscope.

SBC 103 Cover

Tipster Profit Report / 58 Of The Best Tipsters Explored 

The latest SBC Tipster Profit Report features ratings, rankings and reviews on 58 of the very best betting tipsters we have uncovered since 2006.

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

Anyone can pick a few winners every now and then, but it takes REAL SKILL to beat the bookmaker year after year after year – which is exactly what this report reveals.

Best of all – the 58 tipsters included in this report have been independently evaluated and ranked with no affiliate links or kickbacks (unlike so many other ‘tipster review’ websites).

The Secret Betting Club has a unique, 100% independent reviewing policy so when we say a tipster is good – it’s because it truly is and not because someone is paying us to say to!

Read more on our stance and why we are different

TPR Cover Feb 18

2018 Best Tipster Guide Reviews #1 & #2 (Platinum SBC members Only)

Access to the 2018 Best Tipster Guide provides you with 4 detailed reviews of some seriously profitable tipping experts – the best we have found yet.

The first 2 reviews are out now and are must reads for those of you serious about turning a profit from your betting.

The first tipster unveiled in the 2018 Best Tipster Guide has been included thanks to the exceptional profits made since they began proofing advice to us back in May 2015.

Over the course of 2 and 1/2 years and 1176 bets, this tipster has made a fantastic profit of 457.1 points at a very impressive 14.5% Return on Investment.

The second tipster featured in the 2018 Best Tipster Guide is for our money, one of the best pound-for-pound racing experts that we have ever had the pleasure to come into contact with.

Having proofed his advice since 2012, over the past 6 National Hunt seasons (for that is his specialty) he has made a Return on Investment of 35.1% from 1,305 bets advised.

Focusing solely on the big race meetings, there are no issues at all obtaining the odds he quotes and matching the profits he has generated over the years. It is an ideal service if you are restricted to betting exchanges only.

BTG 2018 Cover

How I Make Money Betting Interviews (Platinum SBC members Only)

How I Make Money Betting’ is the name of a new and unique set of interviews with winning punters, tipsters and expert gambling professionals, published by the Secret Betting Club.

With a collection of interviews available immediately and more planned throughout 2018 and beyond – it’s your chance to learn the secrets behind the betting success of several very different gambling figures.

This series was kickstarted by a detailed interview with Andrew, AKA ‘The Value Bettor’ who is the founder and brains behind the tremendously popular National Hunt tipping service of the same name.

As an extra bonus report, you can also read some of the best ‘How We Make Money Betting’ interviews we have published in the past in our Legacy Report.


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