Have You Been Caught Out By These 5 Dodgy Tipster Practices?

. Despite the Secret Betting Club‘s work over the years in trying to clean up and provide some regulation to the betting tipster scene, there are still sadly a number of tipster scams that continue to do the rounds. Whilst the internet has helped in providing transparency and ease of access to good tipsters, it […]

Racing to Victory: 34 Top Tipsters Reviewed & Rated

Today has seen the release of a special new Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report, which features everything you need to know about making money betting on the sport of Kings including: Details on 34 of the best racing tipsters we have uncovered in 11 years tracking The 13 racing tipsters holding our renowned ‘Hall of Fame‘ recommendation […]

Betting With Tipsters: 4 Simple Steps To Success

Last Friday saw the release of our special Bet Diary Profit Report, outlining the money betting that SBC writer, Rowan had made following 8 tipsters over the past year.

Yet, whilst Rowan’s experience is proof positive of the ability to make money betting using tipsters, to explain his methods further, he has also put together 4 very simple and straightforward steps to setting your betting up professionally.

Revealed: How Much We Made Using Tipsters Last Year

To help showcase how easy it can be to make money betting with tipsters, we have today released a special report outlining the betting profits made by SBC writer, Rowan Day over the last 12 months.

Inside this report, you can read all about Rowan’s tipster portfolio and exactly how much he has made following 8 tipsters over the past 12 months.

The good news is that its been another profitable year for him….Providing yet more evidence (were it needed) that the top rated tipsters we recommend are well worth following!

Why You Should SERIOUSLY Consider Betting On Tennis

If you have yet to consider betting on Tennis, then the tipster reviewed in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 100) might make you think twice!

With 135.8% Betting Bank Growth (ROC) since March 2016 and with achievable odds in markets where bookmakers don’t restrict you – it’s easy to understand our interest!

Coupled with a high strike-rate, the ability to bet via the Exchanges PLUS the fact it can fill the void in a quiet summer for football betting – I want to urge you to check out our latest review!

Allow me to share some more details on what we uncovered in this latest tipster review and just why you need to consider betting on Tennis…